Re: The Son Of Former Port-au-Prince Police Chief Michel Francois Was...

Patchuko 1 Orlando Fl - February 8 2011, 8:07 PM

Wow, it pains me when i read some of the comments of some of my countrymen.

first and foremost, if you are going to make a comment, french or english, try at least to respect the grammar and orthograph of the language you are writing.

Also, if you are quoting a verse from the Bible, do it right.

the right verse is" Qui frape par l'epe, perira par l'epe." the other quotation was a joke toward the old general Gracia Jacques, who said "qui frape par le p, perira par le meme p." Also, i find it barbaric when we as a society with the ability to reason, find it necessary to enjoy when another person, wether or not you like that person, suffers a lost. An eye for an eye, leaves everybody blind.

Think about it.

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