Do we Haitians have what it takes to be Entrepreneurs?

Duvivier Jean - October 13 2015, 1:34 PM

Haitians are artists not Entrepreneurs

You can't expect Haitians to dream concretely and come up with business ideas that will revolutionize the way we are in Haiti.

We are dreamers and this is one of the reasons we create beautiful and inspired artworks.

Often, you will year a Haitian art show somewhere in the world in some of the most prestigious places on earth.

However, you will never see a Haitian receiving worldwide recognition for a scientific accomplishment.

Let me ask you a question, Have you ever wondered why there are so many musical instruments in pawn shops?

So many guitars, musical equipments, jewelries whenever you enters a Pawn shop?

The reason is simple, many of these artist are just dreamers who are hoping that they will become the next big star. This is a field where the odds are stock against them and like the dreams of becoming a Foodball player in the NFL, a basketball player in the NBA or soccer

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Do we Haitians have what it takes to be Entrepreneurs?

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