RE: The Real Reason Why Jean-Bertrand Aristide Was Not Supposed To Be In...

Sylvester Pierre - March 20 2011, 7:02 AM

I hope to God this is some kind of mistake, because if it isn't Haiti is in deep doodoo.

Wyclef has fans all over the world; he is loved by Americans and Haitians particularly in the diaspora.

Let us hope this is somekind of miscommunication.

Reports and witness say that he was shot at outside his car and one of the bullets apparently hit his hand.

Ii do not believe Wyclef or is crew or the witness would lie to the public.

They do not need to.

Mohatma Gandhi got shot. Abraham Lincoln got shot. John Kennedy as well as Robert Kennedy got shot. So who knows if Wyclef did not get shot, there are sick people out there.

The devil is at work, but that will not stop Michel from becoming the next President.

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