Is Haiti responsible for most of the drug trafficking in the Caribbean?

Mirabel L. - March 24 2011, 12:59 PM

As a poor country, Haiti finds itself in a dilemma in term of Drug use by its population.

Beside the ongoing problems with the trafficking of illicit drugs such as cocaine and other drugs considered illegal, the country has another problem, even more serious than that.

The problem is over controlled substance or pharmaceutical drugs.

Because of ongoing effect of poverty and lack of control from the Haitian government, licit and pharmaceutical drugs are widely available in the country with almost no control.

As a consequence of such an environment, international drug pushers soon realized that Haiti represents a great opportunity for them. Haiti is now the place where all types of drugs can be found: drugs for medical use as well as for research.

Countefeited can be found there due to the advancement in internet sell

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