RE: It Is Official - Michel Martelly The Next President Of Haiti

Andre E. Joseph - Yeye - April 5 2011, 8:08 PM

The haitian people wanted to teach the traditional politicians a lesson.

They were tired of them and their old ways of doing things or nothing!
In Michel Martelly they see a fresh start that is needed in Haiti.

A new
face means hope to them. Maybe Michel can stand up and say "NO" to Washington, France and Canada, the so called friens of Haiti.

Such hypocrites.

Michel has lived in the USA, maybe he will find ways to build hospitals, roads...

A person from the diaspora knows the importance of the basic necessecities of life, a thing that seems to escape the old haitian politicians...

We should all rally behind the new president and help him in this difficult task; put all grudges aside and move on for a NEW HAITI, respected by the world.

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