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R.s. - April 6 2011, 3:47 PM

Dear Mr the joudalist,

Se yon bagay pou wou fe jouda e yon lot' bagay pou'w passe sa ky rete nan respe ty peyi'm nan pou'w pase'l an ba pye'w.

Se vre ou te dy ou pa Ayisyen, mem sa pa anpeche ou kapab' respekte yon peyi. Tout peyi merite respe.

It's one thing for you to write and be spectacular at the expense of Haitian Politics.

But when it comes for you to add onto all the negative propaganda against our country, there must come a limit.

All Countries deserve some respect.

Wa remake, pa te gen anpil chwa nan sene politik la. Sy bien ke pami de sa ky te rete ap' flote yo, yon' pa te konen ky sa pou'l reponn' sou sije ke ly te dy ly te lysensie ladann' la.

On the Haitian political podium, the people didn't have such great choice.

Among the two remaining, the one who trumpeted the most her Constitutional information, which we wouldn't say she knows nothing...

But not enough about the country she intended to represent and lead. Revealed that after studying on foreign land, did not take the time to study the Haitian Constitution.

So much that she had to be corrected by her opponent on the subject she claimed to know the best.

Le nan yon deba elektoral moun' yo ky sou sene la ky te dwe demontre pep' la sa yo gen nan tet' yo. Yon kandida demontre ke kelke swa kote polytyc la ale ly sou teren'l, Moun sa sete Michel Martelli.

In a Political debate, opponents are given the opportunity to show the people just how well they can dominate situations.

Michel Martelli demonstrated a superiority far over reaching.

Sy wou rele polytyc tradisyonel kondisyon polytisyen yo ap viv' depy sou Duvalie: Ou la men ou pa la...

Ayity pa bezwen polytisyen sa yo anko. Yo met' te tou antere yo vivan.

Se pa anyen yo t'ap regle pou peyi a. Ayity bezwen Moun ky kab pran responsablyte posysyon yo nan yon sene polytyk.

Peyi a ap' konte sou yo. Ly le pou Ayis
yen pran rol' yo nan kwasans' peyi a. Eta peyi a pa bon, Ayisyen pa vote pou Michel Martelli paske ly kon' dy betyz, men paske ly se yon Ayisyen sencer, ky konen ky le ly dwe pou mete pie'l a te e dy beyz pou syspan' yon sery kondysyon ky mete peyi a an danje.

Trop' vole, trop' kydnaping'.

What you call traditional politics are what the country had been experiencing way prior to Duvalier's regime."They are there, yet are not. The President over rides every decision...

This is not OK. You are right, we can all burry this kind of politic.

We need representatives who are able to show and prove the needs of their departments and the priorities of the country as much as the ability of the government to build up over the infrastructure.

Face the growth of the economy and lead the country to it's highest potentials.

We acknowledge that Mr Martelli has been sincere with himself...

When he gets aggravated he can say what's on his mind...

Because he had not the authority or the power recommended to get things done. He vented his anger as best he could...

He also had the option to have a heart attack.

Which occurs when people do not know how to control a situation.

Trop' moun ap moury, Ly le pou sa finy>>.

Le ly rive pou ly mete chapo moun de bien ly, Mr Michel Martelli kapab kankou tout polytisyen Ayisyen, blye tout betyz ly te kon dy yo pou ly mennen peyi nan yon evolusyon ky va mennen ly nan posyt=son sosyal yon peyi ky sove anpyl lot' peyi meryte poul' kapab patycype.

Too many are dying...

Being kidnapped at the sight of the United Nations who are in Haiti to have a good time and bring us cholera.

Flush their fessis in our lakes.

It's time to bring all this to an end. Who ever brought this concentrated army in the country should have thought about their needs and not expose the population to Health hazards.

Haitians can't even use their own beaches, they at the disposal of the minustah (The United Nations), which says that they are in a state of war.

VYV' AYITY, Tout' Ayisyen dwe range yo a kote Presidan yo fenek mete o pouvwa a pou yo lybere Ayity de Zenglendo.

Sy Zenglen do yo pa ka konpran ke le yo pase, Yo menm' tou ya pase. Se lwa la Natu.


All Haitians should stand beside the President which the majority has elected.

We need to free Haiti of the negative effects of Aristide's "Zenglendos".

It is time for both the people and visitors to be free of fear. If Aristide's thugs do not understand that their time has passed, then it is time to get rid of them also entirely.

It's their choice.

Basically all countries have seen such decadence.

It is time for Haiti to regain the glorious history and accounts of the past. When people lived free of fear and enjoyed the splendor of their own country instead of going else where and not even being as welcome as we make others feel on our own land.

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