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II is not normal for a Souverain country to depend from another Souverain country to choose its leaders. This dependency is what makes all the corruptions in our electoral... more »
Mjcasseus, 07/09/16 7:33 AM
It would childish for the authorities in Haiti to think that they can receive money from the US another time after theYwasted 33 millions from the American government for the... more »
Mjcasseus, 07/08/16 9:42 AM
Li realize ke blan pa jam gin ZANMI more »
Bwa Sanfey, 07/07/16 12:10 PM
Poukisa minist la pa mende FBI pou ede trouve kriminel ki touye Dominik, PDG radio ayiti a. FBI katou voye ge dou lanmò cef sekirite raproce ansyen presidan Aristid. li te... more »
Isidore, 07/05/16 11:15 PM
Did you know that fourth of July is also celebrated in Haiti. The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince celebrated the Fourth of July as well by inviting some of the Haitian dignitaries... more »
Ignas Lao, 07/03/16 12:38 PM
Go to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for the 4th of July show. There is a parade there in the morning. The location is in El Prado Park which is on the beach right across from Town Hall... more »
Toto Charles, 07/03/16 11:21 AM
Boston is the place to be for the July 4th holiday. The fireworks displays will be over Boston's Charles River. I truely believe this is the only place in town where everyone... more »
Dano Magloire, 07/03/16 11:16 AM
If you are in Orlando and do not want to pay the huge sum of money to watch at Disney's BoardWalk, I would suggest that you go to the old-fashioned wooden walkway near. This... more »
Tania Rosie, 07/03/16 11:05 AM
For me, the best place to watch Fireworks in Miami is Bayfront park This is in downtown Miami. It is where I have seen the biggest and most various display of fireworks with my... more »
Jina Gaston, 07/03/16 10:57 AM
a good news in a middle of bad news. good luck for him. more »
Raymond Lafontant Jr, 06/26/16 6:34 PM
Are we surprised this is common practice in Haitian rules and regulations what else is new. more »
Jean Noton, 06/19/16 6:25 PM
QUE Dieu donne le courage a la famille Bruno. Nous demandons la paix pour Haiti more »
Marie, 06/18/16 2:18 PM
The report is pure Bologna. Red Cross pocketed ninety-six per cent ( 96% ) of the proceed after the earthquake and only four percent ( 4% ) was used in / not given to Haiti. more »
Davis Louis, 06/18/16 9:30 AM
Then...what's the ducking big deal....? The group was about for verification commission for the 2015 election....that most people know that a massive fraud....than mission... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 06/17/16 2:18 PM
Rest in peace Michel! My condolences to his family, may God comfort them and grant them peace and strength. more »
Mildred Colad, 06/17/16 8:22 AM
Of course the EU-COM realized that they have been caught openly stealing the elections they have to find a justification to hide their shameful act. I 100% support the CIEVE... more »
Bwa Sanfey, 06/11/16 8:17 PM
I want an occupation for the country. Just we won't have to deal with no Haitian president or parliament that only there to speak French and destabilizing the country. more »
Rony Francois, 06/11/16 8:10 PM
Two candidates will be a valuable such as Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise that set. more »
Marie, 06/10/16 10:50 AM
Based on Sanator Margolis remark it is obvious that she regards Haitians as sub-humans. What the Haitians in the area should do is to pull their resources and their know together... more »
Yonel Placide, 06/08/16 2:16 PM

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