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Nou pap janm bliyew more »
Ddda, 03/03/17 7:36 PM
I do not understand that all other countries name Haiti" the poorest country in the world" Those same people make the Haitian people pay more taxes than any other countries. We... more »
Wilner Belizaire, 03/01/17 9:02 PM
Great for sharing!!! more »
Love Bertrand, 02/27/17 11:23 PM
Glad, my article reached out to you and so many others. Your grand uncle was a role model and an inspiration. I have been puzzled to write about him for so long, finally I I did... more »
Love Bertrand, 02/27/17 12:44 PM
My friend, glad my article inspired you and lots of others. I heard his story from my dad and grandparents like any younger generation. His s inspired me so much that I had to... more »
Love Bertrand, 02/27/17 12:40 PM
That is my great uncle my grandmother m father talk about him so much but I sent think that he was idolized like that I'm so proud of my Family n my heritage foundation is... more »
Richard Dejoie, 02/24/17 3:51 AM
They can leave now they r not doing anything more »
Pete Morisseau, 02/22/17 12:26 PM
Thanks for the information but I have a question for you Sir, is this "asosi"is good for a pregnant woman? more »
Darland, 02/22/17 10:12 AM
totally wrong. the country is facing difficult times. but, resources are there as people as basic governance as basic infrastructure. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 02/21/17 7:44 AM
At the time of this episode, I was an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y. After his fall from favor, Octave Cayard was banished from Haiti and given refuge in the USA. He... more »
Gary Wright, 02/15/17 5:27 AM
Dommage que mon pere et mere ne furent ni fillette Lalo, ni assassin de Duvalier, ni dealeur de drogue comme Jean claude Paul. Je vois que ces gens sont ceux qui sont les promis... more »
Paola Pitti, 02/06/17 1:05 PM
Trying to book a flight from port au Prince to Jacmel more »
Guirlene, 02/05/17 11:28 AM
Where in st marry can I find you?? Do you have a phone number more »
Derrick, 01/16/17 10:31 AM
The hero is a man who realizes, at the cost of any sacrifice, the highest ideal of duty, as he conceives it. Senator Guy Phillipe your people will always love you more »
Carl Ambroise, 01/08/17 7:03 PM
MA LADI Yo di Tout moun ki Swaf pouvwa Gen pou yo tonbe Lan tout MA sal MA-lè MA-kafe... MA-dichon MA-labou MA-gouyè MA-liss MA-chavel MA-kak MA-ji Ma-kouchat MA-kout... more »
K1000, 01/06/17 8:09 AM
I'M working for Marriott international as a housekeeping supervisor 2 years ago, Marriott port au Prince and Renaissance Marriott Santiago de Chile. I want to back in my country... more »
Dieunel Colas, 01/05/17 8:12 AM
I want to work for Marriott cap Haitien more »
Dieunel Colas, 01/05/17 7:36 AM
I want to work there more »
Dieunel Colas, 01/05/17 7:14 AM
I agree with you soup joumou tastes better with beef (shin ring) Haitian in New York alsa has a bad habit of makng soup with yellow squash. This will never replace our joumou or... more »
Gessy Francoeur, 01/03/17 10:29 AM
I agree 100% Have Avesis, healthy & prosperous year 2017!!! more »
Yole, 01/01/17 5:12 PM

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