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I am a us citizen but have not resided in usa for over 15 years. I was married in Venezuela and the wife is now a us citizen living in Texas usa. We have been totally separated... more »
R Smith, 10/03/17 12:40 PM
Way to go comme il faut...proud if you more »
Clairin, 09/19/17 9:24 PM
Interesting! Thank you for these articles! more »
Mack, 09/01/17 6:57 AM
More information about the 10 year plan! more »
Mack, 09/01/17 6:55 AM
Good Day: I'm writing this note in the interest of opening a business in Haiti. I have duel citizenship, and I'm trying to acquire enough information on business and the... more »
Harold Cazena, 07/30/17 4:36 PM
I truly want to thank you for writing this piece. Louis is my grand fathers great uncle. so I guess that would make him my great great great uncle. it is so wonderful to hear... more »
Tesheena Dejoie, 07/14/17 10:04 AM
It is very difficult to eradicate child mortality given the precarious conditions currently living in the Haitian population and I believe that the measures are education and... more »
Morgana, 07/13/17 9:25 PM
I totally disagree with providing "fortified wheat and micro-nutrients" to the children of Haiti, and any other poor nations. As we are all aware, wheat has been genetically... more »
Sandy Pierre, 07/12/17 5:04 AM
Delicious my favorite fruit more »
Melanie Gritz, 07/10/17 7:26 PM
Actually your president and his staff have been working on this issue. I know because I have been in some of the meetings in the USA to being the necessary technologies... more »
James Anderson, 07/05/17 3:42 PM
I see excellent articles and comments here about the situation in Haiti and the root causes that create and perpetuate it. I have to ask, how many of you know of the work of the... more »
James Anderson, 07/05/17 3:34 PM
It's not that simple,until thing change in Haiti it will continue to happen,what I meant is until people can find a job so they can feed their families,can have access to good... more »
Franck Noziere, 07/03/17 9:56 PM
This article doesn't say how to make it, but rather what it's made of. Is there a recipe on how to make it? more »
Caro, 07/02/17 9:36 PM
I think that as long as there is ignorance, lack of education in the inhabitants of Haiti, poorly distributed resources and the use of some in their territories for personal... more »
Morgana, 06/25/17 10:17 PM
I don't really 1.71 to 2% grow is a problem,I also think we have or we will have enough resources to take care our people,now the real problem is :are we going sit down and let... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/23/17 8:06 PM
Castro De Julio, 06/21/17 5:18 PM
a saga is finish. It will be very difficult to write this Haitian history page. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/21/17 5:15 PM
I think this is a wonderful thing for Guy,also there are people who did a lot worse than him they are free,anyway who autorise that he has to go to prison in the us.How many... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/21/17 1:32 PM
Well if he is crazy then what do you believe the solution to the electric crisis should be what do you believe will work better please share? more »
Danny X, 06/20/17 10:55 PM
This a new era. Haiti should use natural resources already available. There is plenty of Sun where the country is located. "Solar" is the wave of the future so that's the way we... more »
Les, 06/20/17 4:33 PM

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