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boycott for 1 month. The Brazilians did and it works. more »
John, 06/11/17 3:29 PM
Too many senators and deputes, they need to change the constitution and get rid of all. The country does not need them. They are not doing anything constructive any way. And for... more »
John, 06/11/17 3:27 PM
boycott them for 1 month and you will see the result, stop kissing ass. more »
John, 06/11/17 3:19 PM
But Haitians are killing their own brothers and sisters in this present moment. more »
Oride Menard, 06/10/17 10:04 PM
I would say Haitian lives matter more »
Franck Noziere, 06/10/17 9:45 PM
Question my mother and me have to renew or TPS she 68 yrs she have to paid the 546$ and me too more »
Shirley Donis, 06/10/17 9:40 PM
not a big deal. this debt is, in its majority, a bilateral one. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/10/17 8:31 PM
I think agriculture is our best bet to move the country out of poverty. Providing food for the country will help the poor and the unfortunate. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 06/07/17 7:42 PM
This is crazy people work hard for the money and it very sad your own people stealing from you it things like this make Haiti will never change and that sad cause is very beautiful more »
Chena, 06/07/17 10:31 AM
two different issues. One dealing with the risk for US citizens and the other with the return of Haitians after TPS. countries may be well governed but have a high level of... more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/07/17 7:36 AM
TPS is a temporary situation, very difficult for temporary to become permanent. One should understand that. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/03/17 7:58 AM
RIP my brother, my prayer to the family. Another knowledge is gone. more »
Georgy Michaud, 05/29/17 12:34 PM
One should see if this 6 months is the time given to prepare luggage. they may need an answer to this issues. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 05/23/17 7:59 AM
this is a great news for our brothers. more »
Franck Desir, 05/22/17 8:50 PM
My name is Erick Jean baptiste,i am an english speaker,i work a lot in the field of tourism,i have a degree in human resources,Communication and have skills in computer and so... more »
Erick Jean Baptiste, 05/12/17 11:07 PM
PS: Pestel- Dept Grand'Anse! more »
Love Bertrand, 04/13/17 8:41 AM
True that she could have represented haiti but it would have had been a failure for her since didn't had the resources and facilities to support her. more »
Hendrick Salomon, 03/27/17 6:02 AM
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Great to work for the people of Le Grand Sud!! more »
Love Bertrand, 03/24/17 2:31 PM
Hi yhin we can help the people to use gaz oven instead of charcoal..let s start from here. more »
Nadine, 03/22/17 12:44 AM

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