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I wish you would also offer this information in French instead of Creole because I cannot read it. Cette announce serait bien apprecier si elle etait aussi en Francais parce que... more »
Clyde Chatelain, 06/27/18 10:53 AM
impotencia me da esta situación, como puede ser posible que pasen estas cosas, es inapropiado, además de luchar para salir de la pobreza,tener que pelear para que los... more »
Imao, 06/23/18 2:16 AM
Is this the act of the devil. The devil has taken over as he brought dark clouds over us as human beings. This is not the America I knew and I came to love. This country is no... more »
Jasen, 06/20/18 5:11 PM
Trump's base is perfectly ok with these children crying as they are being ripped from their parents. How can any decent human being could listen to the cries of terrified... more »
Paul Piper, 06/20/18 5:10 PM
We are all some how responsible for the action of our government. And yes, the government of this country act on our behalf. We as a group did vote him in because this is the... more »
Larry, 06/20/18 5:08 PM
I just want to put myself in the shoes of these small, beautiful children. What are they feeling as their parents, the people the trust are going away and they are left with a... more »
Freddy, 06/20/18 5:07 PM
As a parent, how can someone think of this? Donald Trump can not be a parent. He is not my president either. How can America stand and let this happen? Whether this is a... more »
Kirk Sanon, 06/20/18 5:06 PM
What are these children responsible for? You can be strong, you can be on the side of the law; however, when an innocent child is crying, that should affect you. As a mother if... more »
Thompson, 06/20/18 5:04 PM
Hi. I would not recommend a pregnant woman to drink any tea. But asosi is an amazing herb more »
Dee, 06/20/18 10:10 AM
Hi sir, I appreciate the good work your doing in the community. I think it's vitals and keep us in touch of what's going on back home, however can you please stop spreading the... more »
Harry, 06/20/18 8:37 AM
Jeff Sessions and Miller represent the conservative group who believe that the white population in the US is decreasing to an alarming rate and that they should do anything... more »
Yvon Volcy, 06/19/18 1:12 PM
The U.S. government has historically used the bible as a weapon, citing it as a means to dehumanize others or to justify atrocities committed in the name of God, country and... more »
Carl Juste, 06/19/18 1:10 PM
What is the big deal? the process of capturing and detaining individuals entering the US illegally isn't new. The Obama administration has done similar things. to respond to a... more »
Johnson Dominique, 06/19/18 1:09 PM
The gap between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is extremely large. Some say that at this point, there is no hope. At this time, it is like comparing apple and oranges. Haiti... more »
Serge Olivier, 06/18/18 3:29 PM
What do you expect? While Haitians have been fighting among themselves and trying to remove any government in place, the Dominicans have been producing to the point of now they... more »
Natan Paul, 06/18/18 1:01 PM
-This article reveal a sad reality that the economic occupation of Haiti is in full swing, the political, historical, and moral occupations are coming. - All thanks to a new... more »
Fred S Millan, 06/18/18 12:43 PM
Jean Baptiste Conze was the Judas of Charlemagne Peralte's days, it's a reminder to current and future generations. Guy Philippe repeated it by joining foreign powers and... more »
Jean D, 06/05/18 9:12 AM
Francoise an international disgrace to Haiti a plague blood on hiz hands he is unsafe and will be crossed off the earth citizan roles. more »
James Murphy, 06/01/18 11:12 AM
Hello, I am sorry to say but Agnant's books are not available in India. more »
Neelam Swami, 05/23/18 11:06 AM
You must not realize the time and effort it will take as a liaison. You actually believe the person who would perform this type of work for a bit pass $1 daily is that destitute... more »
Judith, 05/13/18 12:20 AM

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