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I see excellent articles and comments here about the situation in Haiti and the root causes that create and perpetuate it. I have to ask, how many of you know of the work of the... more »
James Anderson, 07/05/17 3:34 PM
It's not that simple,until thing change in Haiti it will continue to happen,what I meant is until people can find a job so they can feed their families,can have access to good... more »
Franck Noziere, 07/03/17 9:56 PM
This article doesn't say how to make it, but rather what it's made of. Is there a recipe on how to make it? more »
Caro, 07/02/17 9:36 PM
I think that as long as there is ignorance, lack of education in the inhabitants of Haiti, poorly distributed resources and the use of some in their territories for personal... more »
Morgana, 06/25/17 10:17 PM
I don't really 1.71 to 2% grow is a problem,I also think we have or we will have enough resources to take care our people,now the real problem is :are we going sit down and let... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/23/17 8:06 PM
Castro De Julio, 06/21/17 5:18 PM
a saga is finish. It will be very difficult to write this Haitian history page. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/21/17 5:15 PM
I think this is a wonderful thing for Guy,also there are people who did a lot worse than him they are free,anyway who autorise that he has to go to prison in the us.How many... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/21/17 1:32 PM
Well if he is crazy then what do you believe the solution to the electric crisis should be what do you believe will work better please share? more »
Danny X, 06/20/17 10:55 PM
This a new era. Haiti should use natural resources already available. There is plenty of Sun where the country is located. "Solar" is the wave of the future so that's the... more »
Les, 06/20/17 4:33 PM
It would be a great thing. However there should be some education to do for the people. It should own privately note by the government! more »
Castro De Julio, 06/20/17 4:14 PM
Nothing is impossible so yes, Haiti can have electricity 24/7 because up to the late 80s Haiti had it, unless our own people refuse to let it happen. more »
Madoo, 06/19/17 9:43 PM
he has no ideas what is the technical implication and need of financing for electrifying the whole country. I am still waiting for the study. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/19/17 8:28 PM
The president of Haiti doesn't know what he'stalking about.Now they know we have gold and oil so they going to process u every thing,they have been doing this time and time... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/19/17 5:15 PM
Yes I do believe that can happen! Positivity more »
Myrlanda Pierre, 06/19/17 3:00 PM
Is there any record of lafontants son? more »
Wilfred Rosario, 06/19/17 11:37 AM
For the entire country to be able to have electricity 24 hours a day,it is going to take from 10 to 15 years if they are serious,he doesn't understand more »
Franck Noziere, 06/19/17 10:26 AM
It used to be on the past why it is impossible for today more »
Emmanuel Dieujuste, 06/19/17 9:14 AM
Do you think Jovenel Moise know what the hell he is talking about? Why he didn't negotiate the first time 2 to 5 years TPS,they need us more than we need them because,they... more »
Franck Noziere, 06/18/17 9:20 AM
unfortunately, the decision was not that of Haiti (it does not exit on those days) but of France with of course black soldiers from its Saint Domingue colony. Enfin. more »
Raymond Lafontant, 06/14/17 3:07 PM

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