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RE: Eighth Petrocaribe Summit Yields Trade Agreement Deal for Haiti

this is nice. build big hotels for the rich to see how poor the country is. so that they will invest.????? how bout invest in housing for the poor and move them off the land that... more »

RE: The Airplane Carrying Jean-Bertrand Aristide Has Landed In Haiti

Tell the truth if he was a bad man for Haitian people,they would not be happy to see him.The hole Country is happy to see him.What to do is to work together for the welfare of... more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti On Thursday, March 17

Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide will be back to his Country Haiti.If we see that happened because ALMIGHTY JESUS-CHRIST want;HE is GOD HE does what HE want.GOD would like... more »

RE: Dominicans Want All Haitians Out Of The Country, Fearing Cholera...

I hope this teaches us something. If you can't get your house in order, no one will do that for you. For as long as I remember, Haiti has been a country where everyone comes... more »

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