A wave of Anti-government protest in in Cap-Haitian and Cayes

The population has been until recently very patient with the Haitian government. In the mean time, the Martelly - Lamothe government has been trying to get the economic engine of Haiti running but to little success so far. This week, the second largest city, Cap-Haitian, and the third largest city, Les Cayes, have demonstrated publically their frustration with the current government.


Hundreds of people took to the streets in the city of Cap-Haitian on Wednesday to protest against the deterioration of their living conditions. Some of the protesters denounced the recent behavior of the government, calling it continuous propaganda campaign

A similar protest took place on Thursday in Les Cayes. The people there were complaining because they felt neglected by the president. On Wednesday, during a live debate between the former Departmental Delegate of the South, Jean Gabriel Fortune and the State Secretary of Communication, Guyler Delva, on a radio station in Les Cayes, about twenty-five individuals who declared themselves to be former supporter of candidate Michel Martelly came in, wanting to collect money from Secretary Delva. Local police was called in order to maintain order.

The government of Michel Martelly needs to pay close attention to these social movements taking place in the country. These are real report of the population as to how they feel he's doing.

Some facts about protests and manifestation in Haiti:

A protest is generally an expression of objection to policies or situations. Protests can take many different forms, from individual statements to mass demonstrations. It is part of a systematic and peaceful campaign to achieve a particular objective.

Protests are triggered usually by an economic crisis: "La Vi Chè" or social injustice. In Haiti, this is usually a sign that the population is fed up with current situation due to lack of concrete results from the government.

Unaddressed protests may grow and widen into civil resistance, dissent, activism, riots, insurgency, revolts, and political and/or social revolution.

Studies show that such public activities usually had an impact on the company's. It is usually not the number of protest participants, but the amount of media coverage the event received.

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Subject: A wave of Anti-government protest in in Cap-Haitian and Cayes edit

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