Anti Martelly protest underway to commemorate Ruelle Vaillant Massacre

It has been reported that the protest is well and they are in direction to the American Embassy as promised. There is also report that another major protest is currently taking place in the city of Cap-Haitian as well. They are close to Gerals Bataille


Here is a step by step report of the protest:

2:00 PM: Heavy police presence at the crossroads Fleuriot, the main road leading to the US Embassy in Por-au-Prince.
The police dispersed with tear gas protesters who wanted to reach the US Embassy. Another leg of the protesters headed by Fanmi Lavalas party Maryse Narcisse went to Ruelle Vaillant.

1:30 PM: The protest in direction of the US embassy and was stopped by the Haitian Police. Several water trucks were observed to be on sight by the embassy.

1:00 PM: The protest is reported to be reaching Carrefour Gerard Bataille. Their next stop is directly at the US embassy in Tabarre. The protesters also have have plan to commemorate the Ruelle Vaillant Massacre.

Nou Espere ke li fin konsa.

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Pete Morisseau says...

Mwen experé yo bayo gas pou yo brè sesa yomerité?yon band ti bat kô.i hope they filled them up with gas. trouble

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Marie Thomas says...

I hope Haitians people gave The President a chance to accomplished his job and, all Haitians should be helping Haiti.

for his two years his doing a better job than Mr. Preval for 10 years.

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Subject: Anti Martelly protest underway to commemorate Ruelle Vaillant Massacre edit

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