Canadian government faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide return after Earthquake

In a document released recently by The Canadian Press news agency, it was announced that The Canadian government had great concerns that the Haitian population would be involved in a popular uprising and create a chaotic condition in Haiti.


Danm, an opportunity missed by Jean-Bertrand

Canadian government also faired that because of the confusion that follows after the earthquake, former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide would organize a return to power.

The news also revealed that the quick responce by Canada to the Haiti following the earthquake was in part driven by concerns for the stability of the Haitian government.

Does this guy have an advisor? By now, we could have been under a Aristide third term in office.


Do you think the concerns of Canada had any basis or was just a "paranoia Attack"?

Please comment!

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Lyoneljp says...

When Aristide was in office they were new law repealed child (mostly chattel) domestic service, and another one prohibited trafficking in persons.

Haiti's hated military was disbanded.

Ordinary Haitians experienced unprecedented free speech, assembly, and personal safety.

A National Commission for Truth and Justice was created to investigate and report on crimes committed during the 1991 - 94 coup period.

As a result, former soldiers and paramilitaries were tried, those found guilty convicted in fair proceedings.

That was democracy my friend, tell the truth next time you talking about

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Lyonel Jean-pierre says...

What have you'v been drinking?

Haiti's human rights history is long and abusive, alleviated only during Jean-Bertrand Aristide's tenure.

Besides achieving impressive social, economic and political gains, he respected and promoted justice and human rights initiatives.

Tell the truth my

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Basdos says...

The Canadian government acted quite appropriately.

That is what you called: policy and contingency measures.

Really, why do you think that Jean Bertrand Aristide went back to Haiti?

Do you have any idea why Aristide in his first comments at the airport said: His party Lavalas has been excluded and that was not acceptable?

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Pierre says...

in seven years they spent 1200000000 for election in canada why only one man he like power, he love power without power he can live, he call election any time he feel he will win but if it was another country they don't like they will want democracy give a break save your democracy for your

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Peter Thillen says...

While I do deny that there is still racism in the world, we American white people think that Charlie Sheen is a monkey, acts like one, talks like one, and has the brain of a rather small monkey.

I have a Haitian wife, two of my three children are pure Haitian, and they are all in an American school.

I am very sensitive to any racist situation with my children, and I have seen none. The world is changing slowly, my friend, but it is changing.

One [small] world, one

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Jjtelfort says...

aristide is done now let's squeeze him so we can get a few millions back
jean claude duvalier is not worst than

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Brunet says...

moune ki di lavalas pou la vie a mwen sur ou te di no duvalier pou la vie.depi nou vle yon moune li mete avie se sak fe nap pran nan kk chak jou kk pou kk ban sa ki pa pe di se sa li ye tet kale pou 5 an min pa

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Jean says...

you got that right.

we need to learn to live with that

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Danyd says...

lets be honest with ourselves.

whether you like Aristide or not, he remains the most popular figure in the haitian political scene and the most feared by the international governments( canada.usa, france) involved in haitian politics.This would not be any surprise for anybody if lavalas party win the next election with Aritide in case he decide to run or without him in case he supports a member of the

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John F says...

I think lavalas is all done in Haiti give it the rest you guys have it for almost 25 years nothing done let's try something else

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