Charles Henri Baker abandoned dream to become president of Haiti

The agro-industrial, former member of the Group of 184 (G 184), three times presidential candidate Charles Henri Baker feels that the Haitian electorate doesn't trust him and that his chance to become president will may never happen. Consequently, he has announced that he will no longer run for the presidency of Haiti.


in 2005, Charles Henri Baker and his Respè coalition received 8.24 percent of the vote. President Rene Preval was elected that year for 5 years. In 2010 he ran again but was not in favorable position to win. His latest attempt was the last election when he once again came up short.

"Mandate for Cash"
In regard to the the scandal with Mandates, Mr. Baker did not deny that some mandates from his political party Respè were being sold as well. He accused the CEP for the lack of control and not respecting the electoral Decree.

"Mwen Pa nan Batay"
Baker realized that he doesn't have any chance of acceding to power in Haiti. The real fight is between the two candidates who came first and second, he said. If you are not one of the first two, you are not in it. He also admitted that his greatest accomplishment was to put in place Respè; that Respè is now a major political party covering the entire country. Baker also envision a new candidate representing his political party in 2021 presidential election.

In conclusion, Charles Henri Baker felt that he has succeeded

What do you think?

Why do you think Charles Henri Baker was unable to become a viable candidate?

Do you think his race or social class has condemned him?

Do you think instead it was due to his program?

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Ramel Altidort says...

C'est une desolation et c'est la transcendence de son coté.

Il fait preuve de grandeur d'ame et de courage politique.

Pour moi, il est deja classé parmi les hommes d'Etat.

Mr Baker est trahi par l'ignorance et la méchanceté des hommes haitien qui ne visent pas le changement et l'alternance democratique.

De plus, le parti Respè n'a pas bien joué le jeu de la politique de Parti.

Monsieur Backer, tu n'es pas le seul à vivre cette triste

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