Daniel Supplice Letter to President Martelly on Dominican Crisis

Daniel Supplice response to the President of Haiti following his revocation as Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Mr. Supplice lays some blames on the Haitian authorities for the conditions so many of our compatriots are living in in the Dominican Republic.


Here is the letter written by former Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican, Mr. Daniel Supplice to President Michel Martelly:

""Mr. President,

After having for 92 days carried with honor, respect, patriotism and national consciousness the bicolor in the territory of Duarte, Sanchez and Mejia, I have the honor to return you without dirtying in its glorious folds with the patriotic feeling of having tried to be helpful.

I ask you to believe that the decision to make this symbolic gesture is not the result of fleeting emotion or calculation of any interest or even a shameful agenda. The habit of clear instructions, accurate, consistent and in harmony with the rules of diplomacy and ethics in public administration have finally do of me (after all this time) an executive conscious of results and that considers more the weight of the objective reality of things and reports.

It is with calm, wisdom and insight that will resolve in conflicts between states. The management of the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic requests from the different actors reasoned attitude, reasonable and where amateurism and improvisation do not have their place. The Dominican Republic is a neighbor with whom we are doomed by geography to live together in spite of unequal development that accompanies a marginal differential access to goods and services.

I have written several letters that have remained unfortunately unanswered and, in my last report of 14 July, I took the precaution to renew the urgency that the Haitian diplomacy had to manage the crisis not only in the logic of the defense of national interests, but also always emphasize the constructive dialogue. It is the responsibility of the Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic to ensure that a balance remains between respect of our dignity of people, our values, our customs and traditions while maintaining open realistically the door to dialogue. You know why ? Because while you read this lines :

a) thousands of our brothers and sisters continue to cross the border 'anba fil' in search of wellness ;

b) dozens of women and adolescent girls of Haitian nationality give birth every day to children in Dominican hospitals ;

c) 44.310 students attend state universities and private university centers without forgetting those who, living at the border, go into primary and secondary schools in Dominican territory in the morning and return in the evening in Haiti ;

d) numerous are those who, returning to the country voluntarily for all sorts of reason during the past few days, already planning to return to resume the "job" they had abandoned and where they are awaied ;

e) hundreds of thousands of men, women and children continue to sell their day's work in the agricultural sector, in extremely difficult conditions, but do not think of returning home;

f) hundreds of thousands more are waiting in vain for promised documents that would allow them to regularize their immigration status.

That's also the other face of the reality that we have a responsibility to manage !

In 211 years, we have not managed to reduce socio-economic disparities, or to mitigate the thorny question of color. We have not managed to give our citizens a birth certificate proving that they exist and create an internal situation that would have prevented millions of Haitians to leave the country at any price and sometimes in any condition. If we do not accept the fact that there is a problem, there will be no solution.

Mr. President,

I understand the logic of Haiti's past, in the maze of history, in its missteps, with its moods, its ambitions but especially with its shortcomings, weaknesses, limitations and disappointments.

I also know our brothers and sisters with their love of life, their love of country, respect for the founding fathers, pride of African descent but also with their disdain for the truth and their often irresponsible attitude in the management of res publica.

Using a metaphor you will understand, those who ride the 'char' in the beginning of the cortege leaves at the end of the parade. In general, I do the circuit until the end, but some mishaps sometimes force me to change route to avoid unfortunate judgment of history.

Mr. President,

The country expects you to be firm and do not be a prisoner of the past reports or advice from suspicious 'officines'. The people had trusted you by allowing you to access the high magistrature of the State. He therefore relies on you.

I'm not the first Haitian ambassador to the Dominican Republic to be recalled but I hope to be the last to prevent that, precisely, on the other side of the border, one continue to believe that if the defeat of intelligence seems to be a national constant, the failure of foreign policy seems to be too.

So I go home to join the family members, find the heat of my friendships, renew with this culture that permeates me and hoping the best for Haiti.

Represent and serve Haiti in the Dominican Republic has been a great honor for me.

Please accept, Mr. President, my very patriotic greetings.

Daniel Supplice"

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