Did Haitian parliament negotiate out its relevance in new accord?

I guess anything can be negotiated. According to the new accord reached at El Rancho Hotel in Port-au-Prince on March 14, 2014, The Haitian Parliament, including the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have exactly 10 Days to vote or amend the Electoral law. Now, knowing what we know about our beloved Haitian parliament, how likely is that to happen?


This is a new way to govern in Haiti, by accord.

Mezanmi, ki sa nou panse de sa? Eske se yon bon bagay pou accor-a bay Paleman seleman 10 jours pou yo passe Lwa, pandan ke nou konnin sa pap janm fet?

Eske se yon bon bagay pou yo anpeche Palmantè yo ale fè deal avan ke yo vote lwa sa?

Eske sa se pa yon kout pwin anba ti vant nou ba Palematè yo, pou nou retire yo nan jwet la?

Mezanmi, promess job, posisyon, otorite ka fè ti neg nanpe oui

Gato-a Ape Separe Anho. Si gin Krass, Pep a Jwen.

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Subject: Did Haitian parliament negotiate out its relevance in new accord? edit

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