Dominican Republic Demands Apology from Haiti

Dominican Republic calls for Apology from Haiti over Deportation Issue. Tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) continue to heighten over the immigration crisis the DR started with its Constitutional Court ruling in 2013: Haitian migrants, who came to work the sugar plantations should now be deported. This ruling also extends to their Dominican-born children who have no claims on their natural birthright, in defiance of international law.


The DR, on the defensive lately, due to a backlash from the international community over forced deportations has made a half-hearted effort to undo some of the harm against Haitian migrants and their Dominican-born children. The DR government began a National Regularization program to register migrants for citizenship status. But the program has been badly administered, causing applicants to fall through the cracks.

The hot button issue now is the DR is calling for Haiti to apologize for strongly-worded criticisms thrown at the government, regarding its harsh immigration policy. The DR has dug in its heels, and will not come to the table to discuss the thorny issue of migrant deportations, until they receive an apology from the Martelly government for assassinating their character as racists, the reason many in the international community believe is what's really going on.

For the OAS, they say the DR's '. . . immigration policy has been responsible". But they are withholding any further information until their report is issued by year's end. President Medina sounds a note of uncertainty when he says, "I hope that the OAS tells the truth; there is nothing to hide."

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