Terrible Truck Accident in the North of Haiti, 17 dead

We just learned that there was a major truck accident that took place Near Quartier-Morin. So far authorities have counted 17 dead .


We also learned the accident was caused as the driver was trying to avoid colliding with a motorcycle. As it turned out, the three individuals on the motorcycle are fine; however 17 passengers inside of the truck were killed.

Vendors aboard a truck, on their way to market their goods, were involved in an accident Saturday morning. They were enroute from Saint-Raphael when a motorcycle crossed their path, forcing the driver to swerve, causing the truck to over-turn. It happened close to Cap-Haitian. Of those passengers inside the truck, 18 died, while 28 sustained injuries, some of a serious nature.

The truck was weighed down, not only with a full passenger load, but items such as charcoal, boards, and wood. The accident occurred at 5 am. Of the 28 injured, 13 were sent to intensive care at hospitals in Cap-Haitian (Justinian Hospital), Quartier Morin, and Milot (Sacred Heart Hospital). According to Civil Protection Agency's Jean-Henri Petit, of the 18 dead, 15 were female.

President Martelly issued a statement saying his administration sent ". . . its heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives of the victims of this tragedy that saddens the people of this region." Martelly is asking for an investigation into the conditions causing the horrible event to happen. He also cautioned drivers on the road to be more aware of other drivers, and practice safe driving habits.

The Government Youth of Haiti (GYH) also expressed its deep sadness on hearing of the tragedy. Amos Cincir, GYH President, and Nathanael Noel, Prime Minister, issued a joint statement in which they extended ". . . their sympathies to all the parents, friends, and relatives of the victims affected by this accident."

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Nestor Mateo says...

The practice to transport people in trucks, pickup trucks, etc., like they are animals, without any protection or safety at all, is something that must be stopped.

Unfortunately, it takes terrible accidents such as this for the authorities to react.

Check the truck involved in the accident, how many people were traveling in the

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Subject: Terrible Truck Accident in the North of Haiti, 17 dead edit

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