Manipulation process for Election results has started in Haiti

While election officials are pleading for patience as to the election results, the candidates are positioning themselves for the possible results.

The presidential field was so confusing that there was little clarity about who might have been the leading contenders. Pre-election polls did not help the process as many of them were unreliable in some cases delivered as a type of manipulation tool.

The camp for candidate Jude Celestin stated that their candidate was the victim of an electoral Coup d'etat on Sunday.
They take notes of many irregularities on election day. Also many of their observers were denied access at several voting centers

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Haiti Election Results Expected on November 3, 2015

Unlike most countries, if you are waiting for the election results in Haiti, you will have to be patient. It was just announced that the second round of legislative and first round of presidential and municipal elections will not be published until November 3, 2015 or exactly 10 days after the election.

Electoral officials announced partial results to be published within 10 days; but final results wouldn't be available until the end of November.

Election officials have pleaded for calm and patience. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) asks the media and the observers not to give any result before that time in order not to cause disturbance in the country

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Mandates and Observers for sale in Haiti election

On October 25, 2015, many people in Haiti were happy with the results of the election. Some Political Parties and organizations accredited to observe the election were happy as well, but for different reasons. In fact, these groups were laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the flourishing business of Mandates and Observers that have been selling during the election.

While many voters on election day were standing patiently in long lines outside of the polling stations throughout the country, some were engaged in fraud, taking advantage of the privilege accorded to them to supervise the voting process.

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VIDEO- Jean Bertrand Aristide, Maryse Narcisse voting on Election Day

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide came back to the public scene a week before the general election in Haiti to support the candidate for the Political Party Fanmi lavalas, Maryse Narcisse. Before the public support received by Aristide, the campaign of Maryse Narcisse was to some extent struggling and many did not see her as a real contender.

VIDEO: Here is the video of former President Jean Bertrand ARISTIDE and Maryse Narcisse as the accomplish their citizen rights of voting on Election Day
Jean Bertrand ARISTIDE and Maryse Narcisse Voting on Election Day

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A Ki Kle, Nan Ki Tou, Nan Ki Pot, nan sant biro vot Elie du Bois

At Voting center Elie Dubois, no key to open the doors. The staff was obligated to break the doors open with rocks in order to facilitate voting

A Ki Kle, Nan Ki Pot, Nan Ki Tou nan sant biro vot Elie du bois

In Ecole National Bokozel in Bokozel, St Marc, armed bandits entered two voting centers and took some ballot boxes with them. Some of the ballots, empty and completed were later found in the street near by.

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide and Dr. Maryse Narcisse went to vote at the voting center in Lycee Jean Marie

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Some Videos of Election Day in Haiti (October 25, 2015)

Videos of Election Day in Haiti (October 25, 2015)

Voting in Petion Ville, Haiti, le 25 octobre 2015

Haiti Election Video - Ecole Nationale République du Panama

Here is a Video of the Election 2015 morning at Lycée Nationale de Pétion ville

For a complete minute by minute report of the Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015), please go to the link below which will be updated constantly throughout the day with the latest information.

Link for minute by minute report of Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015)

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Members Pitit Desalin and Verite arrested in Pilate

11:30AM We learned that 2 members of Political Parties "Pitit Desalin" and "Verite" have been arrested in the locality of Pilate. It is also reported that some people have started a protest that was dispersed by the Police in Pilate.

In St Michel de l'Attalaye, policemade three(3) arrests found in possession of 4 mandates of different political parties

In Petit-Goâve, 17 people were arrested. There are suspicions that these people came from the Haitian capital. They are being detained at Petit-Goâve Police Station

Here is a picture of candidate Eric Jean-Baptiste as he is voting on October 25, 2015

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Voting Center Secretary arrested in Grande Riviere du Nord

11:AM In Grande Riviere du Nord, arrest by the police of a Voting Center Secretary in the voting center. He was caught destroying mendate given to some political parties. Also in Dondon, people were destroying elected lists.

11:AM Here is a picture of a Drones Surveillance spotted in Haiti sky during the Election

10:30AM Here is candidate :
Jude Célestin on the way to vote at Lycée Nationale Pétion-Ville:

10:15AM: In Petit Goave, shots could be heard. Some bandits are throwing stones. However, this did not stop the population from turning in mass to vote. It is reported that there is a long line of close to two (2) miles of voter waiting for their turn to vote. They are waiting under the sun. The situation is still under control by the Police.

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Ballot stuffing attempt at Lycee Jean Mary Vincent

9:40AM Ballot stuffing attempt reported at Lycee Jean Mary Vincent voting Center. An individual with several ballots already filled out was attempted to conduct Ballot stuffing at Lycee Jean Mary Vincent voting Center. Other voters were able to inform the Police present at the center. No information is available as to whom he wanted to commit this crime for or the number of times he intended to vote. This incident is currently under investigation

WATCH VIDEO: Leta, Laboujwazi, Lepep by Manno Charlemagne

9:20AM: In Eglise Notre Dame De Caridad, in Carrefour Feuilles Port-au-Prince, there are 12 Voting centers. There are no privacy for the voters to cast their ballots. Anyone can observe what any voter makes.

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Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015), Timeline of events

Here is what took place during the election in Haiti on October 25, 2015. There was a general satisfaction from every sector of the population on how the events of the day took place. Form the CEP, to Haiti Police force, government, observers and the general population, everyone seems to be for the most part satisfied.

The turn out by the population was very high, much better than the previous election. Haitian Police proceeded in conducting a total of 234 arrests. A total of 13 guns were captured, along with 4 vehicles in irregular situation. One Police officer was placed in isolation because some mendates belonging to political parties were found on him.

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