Possible alliance between PHTK, BOUCLIER, Renmen Ayiti

Information obtained from some reliable sources confirmed that there is currently discussion underway to increase the chances of the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise to win the next Presidential election. We were told that there is a great possibility that the candidates Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER and Jean Henry Céant from Renmen Ayiti to join PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise.

Nothing has been made public yet. However, the plan is for the candidates of BOUCLIER and Renmen Ayiti to withdraw their candidacy and throw their support behind Jovenel Moise. This is not a done deal yet but it is possible that an announcement will be made soon in this regard.

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A Clarens Renois Government will be One of Reconciliation

Clarens Renois is running for the Haitian presidency, representing the National Union for the Integrity and Reconciliation party. He is campaigning on a platform that includes.

• Stamping out government corruption
• Improving the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory
• Dealing with societal issues such as prejudice, violence, attacks on opposition parties, and other social ills
• Working to establish better trade relations with the Dominican Republic
• Standing against the re-organization of the Haitian army.

The over-arching theme of Renois' platform is reconciliation of all actors, whose self interests keep Haiti from enjoying political stability. The country's stability is crucial to attract private investment and grow Haiti's economy. He wants all opposition leaders to come together at one table to work cohesively in ruling the island.

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Jude Celestin of LAPEH Promises Job & To Fight Corruption

Jude Célestin (born on June 19, 1962) is one of the front runners in the Haitian Presidential election, a nominated candidate under the banner of "Alternative League for Progress and Haitian Emancipation" (LAPEH).

In the last presidential election, he was nominated by former President René Préval's Unity (INITE) party. He is a Mechanical Engineer from Switzerland and a former executive director of the government's construction ministry. His campaign promises are based on very basic issues like job creation, fight against corruption and control of government expenditure. If he wins, the downtown of the capital city will be revamped. Major projects on transformation will be launched which will create confidence in the minds of the countrymen. Formulas of harmonization between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will be found out to resolve the migration issues.

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Wyclef abandoned Martelly's team to support Jude Celestin

The Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean has made a major shift in his political choice. A a major supporter of Michel Martelly and the Tet kale party 5 years ago, he has decided to throw his support thsi time behind Jude Celestin of LAPEH. Does that mean Wyclef Jean was not happy with Michel Martelly?

Wyclef Jean Endorse Jude Célestin,LAPEH #31

As an artist, Wyclef thinks that the best for him to make his position known is to write a new song. He took the opportunity to make the announcement on his birthday October 17 which is also the day we commemorate the death of father of our nation Jean jacques Dessalines

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Arnel Belizaire and other candidates rejected CEP charges

Candidates Reject CEP Charges of Disrupting Elections. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is receiving backlash from several candidates, accused by the PEC of disrupting ballot casting during August's parliamentary elections. The PEC has removed 14 candidates from the second round of balloting. The rejected candidates have been accused of such actions as gun violence, stealing and/or destroying voting material, and generally disrupting the balloting process.

Three candidates in particular have denied and/or challenged the PEC's claims: West Department senate candidate, Arnel Belizaire; Northwest deputy candidate, Francois Claude; and deputy candidate, Joseph Deshommes.

Belizaire, representing APLA, claims he was not in Drouillard; in fact, he says, no voting station exists in Drouillard. He corresponded with PEC President Pierre Opont, asking him to take Belizaire off the list of rejected candidates, because no proof exists he shot off an automatic firearm to disperse voters.

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Dumarsais Simeus: Moise Jean Charles is best candidate for President

Dumarsais Simeus, considered to be the most successful Haitian-American has come out in support of Moise Jean charles. Based on his analysis, Moise Jean Charles is the best candidate that can take Haiti out of its problems at this time. He believes that the Candidate from Piti Desalin is honest has a very good plan such as making credit available to Haitian entrepreneurs and also land reform.

WATCH VIDEO: Dumarsais Simeus running for President of Haiti ten years ago

Dumarsais Mécène Simeus or Dumas as he is commonly known, was born (1939) in Pont Sondé in the Artibonite Valley. He is the owner of the largest black owned food processing company in the United States. In 2006, he returned to Haiti to become a candidate in the August 2005 presidential election, but was denied because of his dual U.S and Haitian citizenship. Simeus attended Florida A & M in Tallahassee and Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and received his Engineering degree from Howard University. Later, he obtained graduating honors degree from University of Chicago. He has received many awards likes of Alumni Award from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business (2003) and Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young LLP. According to this most successful and experienced Haitian-American, Moise Jean Charles under "Piti Desalin" banner would be the ideal candidate and the most suitable person who can guide Haiti to a new prosperity and he has a better chance to win the election.

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Should we trust Presidential polling in Haiti

I am going crazy trying to figure out who is ahead and who is pulling behind in this upcoming election in Haiti. Can someone tell because the polls are not helping. Two recent polls released had Jude Celestin leading the race for the presidency. However, many people think that these results could not be further from the truth.

Many people think that it is very difficult to predict any election results based on opinion polling. This is a very divided society and the various sectors of the population react differently to questions. For example several observers think that results of two polls placing Jude Celestin in first place is not real and it is overestimated.

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Pastor Fevry Ignores Commission of Mediation: Elects Jean Jeune

Haitian Protestant Federation (FPH) President, Sylvain Exantus, claims Pastor Fevry has over-ridden FPH's candidate for Protestant President, Clarens Renois, with their own choice, Jean Jeune.

Having two candidates undermines ". . . the unity of the Protestant community." Exantus added: to go against the Commission of Mediation's choice ". . . does not correspond to Protestant values . . . . FPH does not have to intervene in the management of political parties . . ."

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Carline Viergelin officially installed at the CEP

Carline Viergelin citizen has been designated to replace me Néhémy Joseph who resigned as councilor unwilling, he said in a letter to the CEP, pour illegally.

Watch The VIDEO - Carline Viergelin installed at the CEP

Even after the swearing of Carline Viergelin representing the peasant / voodoo sectors at the CEP, some in the voodoo sector insisted that she does not represent them at the Provisional Electoral Council. Organizations such as "Koze Pèp" and "Tet Kole ti peyizan Ayisyen" said that they have made no choice since the resignation of Nehemy Joseph.

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Steven Benoit, platform Konviksyon

Steven Benoit, Presidential Candidate Under Platform Konviksyon
Campaigning for president of Haiti has turned to a marketing process where candidates present themselves as products, differentiate themselves from the other products and make proposals on how they will perform if they get the job. However, some of the campaigners are more serious.

The promises of Steven Benoit, the candidate for the President's seat under the banner of the platform "Konviksyon", are based on five pillars. First Pillar: Efficiency, transparency, justice and public safety, fight against corruption, building and serving the citizenship; Second Pillar: Creation of wealth, opportunities for employment and market competition with special emphasis on few selected core sectors; Third Pillar: Provision for basic social services like health, education, water sanitation, family planning, social protection, etc; Fourth Pillar: Spatial and environment management involving likes of watershed management, reforestation, urban development planning, biodiversity and water resources management, etc; Fifth Pillar: Involvement of Diaspora to enhance Regional and International Cooperation.

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