Candidate arrested in Petit Dedune, Lester

8:40AM Two individuals arrested In Dedune. Carlo Estard candidate for Deputee in Lester under the banner of Haiti en Action and Voting Center Supervisor Claude jean Charles. They are both in Police custody. The Supervisor of the center is accused for allowing Carlo Estard to vote several times.

In 11 Voting centers in the city of Ouanaminth, no material available. News reporters were barred from entering the center.

For a complete minute by minute report of the Haiti Election Day(October, 25, 2015), please go to the link below which will be updated constantly throughout the day with the latest information.

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Individuals burned materials in 4 voting centers in Borgne

8:30AM: It has been reported that in Borgne, North department individuals burned materials in 4 voting centers. as a result, there are currently not municipal election in several voting center in Borgne. bandit sat on fires material that were headed to those centers.

As a result, people scheduled to vote at these specific locations will not be able to vote today for municipal candidates. The CEP made arrangement for them to vote for the President but not until 1:00AM. The municipal election will be conducted at a later date

So far the day has been running smoothly in most parts of the country. However there were problems observed in the following areas: Major delay in Voting Center at Argentine Bellegarde School. Reason: Materials such as inks, ballots are already in place. However, there are no tables or chairs to place the materials. All the personnel is present. This is two hours of delay. The voters are outside waiting

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Election day - Haiti's 5.8 million voters to select next leader

Haiti is voting this Sunday, October 25, in the second round of legislative elections, the first round of presidential and municipal. Haiti's 5.8 million registered voters will make their selections from a field of more than 1,800 candidates from 128 parties.

Election as an act of sovereignty
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The first challenge that we need to watch for is the distribution of Mandates for political parties. 13,725 mandates are supposed to be distributed to various representatives of the parties by 6:00AM due to the fact that the polling station can not accommodate for all the 54 representatives of political parties, members of polling stations, supervisors, national and international observers and voters. The plan is for the representatives of the political parties to enter the centers and polling stations in groups of ten with a rotation scheduled every 2 hours

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Jean Bertrand Aristide and Maryse Narcisse, last day campaign

Just a few hours before the closing of the election campaign period, the leader of the Fanmi Lavalas Party, Jean Bertrand Aristide went to the streets of Port-au-Prince with his Candidate Maryse Narcisse. This is what one would call a Hell Mary pass.

For the second time in a month former President Aristide publicly supported his party's (Fanmi Lavalas) candidate, Maryse Narcisse, as Haiti's next president.

Aristide and Narcisse emerged from his home in an open-roof vehicle to wave to hundreds of supporters, many of them from Cite Soleil, a Port-au-Prince slum.

Their appearance was part of a campaign parade of vehicles signifying the end of Narcisse's campaign before Haitians head to the polls soon.

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Jean Bertrand Aristide & Maryse Narcisse Campaigning

October 23, 2015, was the last day of campaigning for the 54 Presidential candidates running for the October 25, 2015 election. On the final day, the former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide came out of his residence in a car with Dr. (Mrs.) Maryse Narcisse, the candidate of his Fanmi Lavalas party which he founded in 1996.

Their ultimate destination was a huge seaside slum, Cite Soleil that was once a stronghold of Aristide. They were welcomed and cheered by thousands of supporters. Some of them shouted, "The King is here"! While others pointed to Dr. Maryse Narcisse as "mother". Earlier, to this joint campaigning, on September 30, 2015, the former President Aristide had spoken before an audience of 2,000 supporters who gathered outside his residence. Then standing by the side of Dr. Maryse Narcisse, he had endorsed her as his candidate and urged his followers to support her. That was the first occasion for him to speak in public since his return from exile in 2011.

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Candidate for deputy Jerry Tardieu to challenge results

Deputy Candidate Jerry Tardieu Says Election Results Wrong

Petion-Ville deputy candidate, Jerry Tardieu, representing VERITE, is disputing his first-round election results. The figure of 30.86% of votes in his favor is incorrect he says. The accurate figure is 34.59% according to the tallied votes his campaign has delivered. Although he leads his opponent by a comfortable margin of 22.05% it is not enough to claim victory in the first stage of voting.

In order to win the first round the Electoral Decree declares ". . . the candidate for deputy receiving the greatest number of votes who have (sic) not obtained an absolute majority . . ." must have a lead of 25% or more to be declared the winner.

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Is there any truth to the Polls taken for Haiti Election?

The only thing I can conclude so far as a result of these polls is that these people don't have a clue of what is really going on with the Haitian voters. recent poll by Florida-based Integrated Communications and Research gives candidate Jovenel Moïse a 7.7 percentage-point lead over second-place candidate Jude Célestin. An other one conducted by the Research Office in Computer Science and Economic and Social Development (BRIDES) gave Jude Célestin the lead followed by Moise Jean Charles.

Who's Leading the Polls in Haiti?

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What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti?

It seems like more preparations have been done to make sure that on Sunday everything runs smoothly. Whether or not there is a hurricane, earthquake, or any other natural disaster, the election will take place.

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The CEP, Haiti National Police, MINUSTAH, The Executive branch comprising of both President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul, the international community, all have been focusing on one thing, assuring the public that the first round of Presidential election in Haiti will be different than that conducted few months ago. More Police presence, more coordination with various organizations that will be monitoring the election. Even more importantly, the delegate problem seems to be under control as a new plan was developed where they will provide supervision on a rotating basis and that all political parties will be represented.

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Why is Rene Preval so quiet on the candidacy of Jude Celestin?

As we are counting down to election day in Haiti, the truth can no longer be hidden. We are now in a position to see whether or not all these political parties were legitimate or some type of cover up to increase chances or just a way to make a quick buck. The latest consolidation came from Platform Verite that has decided to support the candidacy of Jude Celestin or president.

Out of those seen so far, this can be considered as the most meaningful. You can't stop me from asking the obvious question which is: Does Rene Preval has anything to do with this?

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Mathias Pierre moved to support candidate Jean Charles Moise

Faced with the reality that he will not do well in the upcoming Presidential elections in Haiti, candidate Mathias Pierre has decided to call it quit and to urge his supporters to move to Moise Jean Charles' camp. The candidate of the political party Konsyans Patriyotik made it public on Monday his decision to no longer run and as he stated to throw his unconditional support to candidate Moise Jean Charles whom he thinks has a better chance of winning.

WATCH VIDEO: Mathias Pierre moved to Jean Charles Moise camp

Mathias Pierre explained his decision to support the candidate of Pitit Desalin because of what the later stands for, specifically. He thinks that there is a current danger where President Michel Martelly is attempting to stay in power for ever by orchestrating an electoral coup d'State on October 25 by imposing his Jovenel Moses to lead the country. He also stated that some of the candidates have been using dirty money for their campaign.

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