Video of dead Fish in Lake Azuei

What's next for Haiti in 2010, earthquake, cholera and now thousands of fish are dying in Haiti.


Dozens of dead fish were found washing on the shores of "Etang Saumatre". According to the residents in "Plaine du Cul de Sac, the fish have been contaminated and other animals have died after eating these dead fish.

Could this kill the residents in the regions if they eat the dead fish?

What about the water, can people drink it or cook with it?

Were these fish affected by cholera as well?

The Haitian authorithy has not taken any concrete action so far on the matter. Michel Chancy who is the current Haitian Agriculture Miniter stated: " "At this time we cannot connect this problem with cholera. Cholera affects people, not fish. The fish don't have anything to do with cholera. Something else caused this problem. It could be something toxic, a disease."

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Pierre says...

if they found out where the epidemic came from they should make sure the UN paid for it, no they try to scare people with voodoo who make cholera the preval gorvernment try to make US look stupid as is master they never responsible for any things they do.we are tires of drinking koolaid we need some one who will make them paid for it or they will never came to haiti no more as simple as that. HAITI belong to US not to US OR

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