Fanmi Lavalas demands the resignation of Michel Martelly

Leaving out of the Saint-Jean Bosco Church in Port-au-Prince, a showing of many hundreds of Fanmi Lavalas supporters, dissidents of the current administration, rapidly took their march through the different famous zones, hoping to grow their numbers, and were finally joined by numerous executives and pioneers of Fanmi Lavalas.


Armed with pictures of former president of the republic, the exiled Jean Bertrand Aristide, they shouted censure at the corruption rife throughout the administration and the poor living state of the populace. The situation, they expressed, continues to crumble and political mistreatment continues. The group chanted uncongenial comments about the Haitian Head of State, and largely requested his acquiescence to resign and to hold general elections this year.

This appearance of Fanmi Lavalas goes along with the last change of position of the party once headed by Aristide. Maryse Narcisse, organizer of Fanmi Lavalas, said that the Martelly/Lamothe Government's refusal to step down encouraged an ideal political atmosphere for the demanding of a 2014 general election.

For his part, the previous Senator Louis Gerald Gilles, one of the coordinators of the occasion, said he was satisfied with the interest and responsibility of the individuals who still hold a political association with President Aristide. The demonstration was said to have been a step towards more democratic elections for the country.

The demonstration finished at Constitution Square, with the police having built a security border around the National Palace, where dissenters had initially wanted to close their walk. The whole process occurred without major incident.

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Jules Casseus says...

Kote Fannmi Lavalas.

Yo vle kraze to sa Prezidan Mately ap de. Yo fin n kraze peyi a pandan 20 an. Kim si Lavalas pa kraze

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Zafem says...

moun sa yo fe des anne nan peyia yo tie ou paket mountout sal sinema teyat nan peyia tout femin li ame ou paket timoun pou yal tie moun met peyia nan fe noi sa yo te acheve anyin ke fe mal epi yo bezoin tounin nan peyi manman

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Al says...

Only in Haiti.

They should come up with a law to stop people taking the street to ask for a resignation of a president democratically elected.

I am not a fan of the president but Haiti need a break from Sh...

like this in order to move forward.

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Jules Casseus says...

Who really want to go back in the Lavalas era:?

The thieves, the kidnappers, the zenglendo, and so forth.

Down with

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Pete Morisseau says...

Yopat fini fè 5kan yopap vlé yonlôt fè 5kan yap bloffé
martelly 5kan sak pakontan brè poizon.

oubyen lagé tèt yo
Nan lanmè lanmèya

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