Clinton Bush Haiti Fund in Support of Bernard Mevs Hospital

Bernard Mevs Hospital is underway to receive a total of $442,100 dollars benefit, courtesy of Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Grant. This funding is aimed at facilitating educational training seminars for medical professionals and practitioners in Haiti. This announcement comes after the Bernard Mevs Hospital received the state-of-art Medical equipment which has eventually transformed it into the sole well equipped medical facility to handle major surgeries and critical trauma victims.


During a visit to the hospital, Bill Frist, a renowned US surgeon and senator, said that there was great need in holding educational seminars which will enable Haitian medical professionals to handle the new equipment with competence. With the State-of-art equipment acting as the center of attraction, there will be an increased number of competent medical professionals from Bernard Mevs Hospitals as well as other high profile hospitals in Haiti.

Frist, who had been accompanied by Bill Clinton, remarked that the funding was intended to act as a long term medical investment as more sophisticated and highly reliable medical equipment were possibly on their way into major hospitals in Haiti. Taking the initiative to train many medical practitioners on how to handle such equipment in advance will facilitate better utilization of the facilities which will be deployed to various hospitals.

Despite the limited number of personnel to handle the State-of-art equipment, it has been quite encouraging to note that there was an overall improvement on Bernard Mevs' capacity to handle serious medical conditions and to perform major operations. Ever since its introduction last year, the hospital has increased its patient-attendance counts to over 60, 000 and an average of 150 surgeries every month.

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