Haiti National soccer team, 1974 FIFA World Cup Roster

Haiti's national soccer team, the Haiti National Football team (HNFT) has been competing since the 1960s in CONCACAF. Making the cut for the World Cup in 1974, they played against fierce competitors, the Italians.


Although they did not win, they made an impression with star player, Emmanuel Sanon, making the opening winning goal. In 1974 Antoine Tassy coached the HNFT with a roster of 22 players.

Here is the list of 1974 World Cup Haitian players in picture

Here is the list of players:

Henry Francillon, Goalkeeper - DOB: May 25, 1946 - Club: Victory Club Port-au-Prince

Wilner Piquant, Goalkeeper - BOB: Oct 12, 1949 - Club: Aigle Noir Port-au-Prince

Gerard Joseph, Goalkeeper - DOB: Oct 22,1949 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Fritz Andre, Defender - DOB: Sep 18, 1946 - Club: Aigle Noir Port-au-Prince

Serge Ducoste, Defender - DOB: Feb 4, 1944 - Club: Aigle Noir Prince-au-Prince

Arsene Auguste, Defender - DOB: Feb 3, 1951 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Pierre Bayonne, Defender - DOB: Jun 11, 1949 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Ernst Jean-Joseph, Defender - DOB: Jun 11, 1948 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Joseph-Marion Leandre, Defender - DOB: May 9, 1945 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Wilfred Louis, Defender - DOB: Oct 25, 1949 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Phillippe Vorbe, Midfielder - DOB: Sep 14, 1947 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Jean-Claude Desir, Midfielder - DOB: Aug 8, 1946 - Club: Aigle Noir Port-au-Prince

Eddy Antoine, Midfielder - DOB: Aug 27, 1946 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Guy François, Midfielder - DOB: Sep 18, 1947 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Serge Racine, Midfielder - DOB: Oct 9,1951 - Club: Aigle Noir Port-au-Prince

Jean-Hubert Austin, Midfielder - DOB: Feb 23, 1950 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Guy Saint-Vil, Forward - DOB: Oct 21, 1942 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Roger Saint-Vil, Forward - DOB: Dec 8, 1949 - Club: Violette Athlete Club

Fritz Leandre, Forward - DOB: Mar 13, 1948 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Claude Barthelemy, Forward - DOB: May 9, 1945 - Club: Racing Club Port-au-Prince

Emmanuel Sanon, Forward - DOB: Jun 25, 1951 - Club: Don Bosco de Petion-Ville

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