Noailles Heart of Artistic Masterpieces in Croix-des-Bouquets

Noailles village has become renowned for its artwork, produced from found objects, tossed-out oil drums. To make art objects from rubbish requires great skill and creativity, which Noailles's inhabitants possess in abundance.


The village is an artist's colony. Everyone is involved in making spectacular objects for everyday living: some practical, others decorative. The raw material, iron, is pounded into such usables as mirrors, furniture, and light fixtures. Aesthetic pieces include sculptures and wall hangings.

What characterizes Noailles is the 24/7 sound of metal being molded by chisels and hammers. No one complains to the local police about the clank and clang of ringing metal, which can be heard up to a mile away. Quite the opposite. The townspeople regard the sounds of metal on metal as ". . . welcome, beautiful even; music to the ears of all who live (in Noailles)"

Iron worker, Serge Jolimeau, whose work has brought him praise from the art world, runs a workshop, dedicated to teaching the craft of pounding out metal and fashioning it into one-of-a-kind pieces. Jolimeau's masterworks, influenced by Voodoo and Noailles folklore, are an expression of skilled artisanship, often described as metal lace. The iron work pieces created in Noailles are on display in four- and five-star hotels and restaurants, as well as public offices and museums in Haiti.

Any visitor to Noailles will feel immersed in the rhythms and vivifying creativity that makes the village a jewel in the crown of Haiti's creative arts.

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