Hundreds of thousand of people in the Streets for Jean Bertrand Aristide

The former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is still a force in Haitian politic. If you were not convinced, the public demonstration from his supports today will probably change your mind.


According to the latest report, thousands of Jean Bertrand Aristide supporters took to the streets to support their leader as he appeared in public for the first time since returning from exile. The leader of the Fanmi Lavalas Party was summoned by Haitian Judge Yvickel Dabresil in regard to the unsolved assassination of the famous Haitian journalist Jean Léopold Dominique and his guard. Jean Bertrand Aristide was accompanied by several elected officials such as Moise Jean Charles, John Joel Joseph, MP Saurel hyacinth and others.

The 1st hearing turned into pro-Aristide Lavalas demonstration:

So much for the order of the Director of the National Police Godson Orelus who said that all street demonstrations are banned on Wednesday, May 8. He said on Radio Vision 2000 that protests are prohibited because police will be busy providing security for Aristide as he travels to the courthouse in downtown Port-au-Prince. According to the Chief of Police, "If there are street protests, the police have the orders to break them. Any street protests tomorrow will be illegal."

Aristide Lavalas down passed the test:

I just have one question for Mr. Godson Orelus: Now what are you going to do?

Jean Bertrand Aristide became the second president to testify in the assassination of Jean Dominique. Recently, former President Rene Preval spent about four hours answering questions on the same case

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Ro says...

se sot yo sot konsa oui minm ou diskou neg sah pa janm fe de toujou parabol se li minm ki fe peyia te nan eta sa li fe yon paket tan prezidan li tie plis moune li fe plis lajan li fe promes lap rinmet kob koperatif epi se a loral li legalize vole li fe plia malfekte kom

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Ro says...

te koueh misie te di se nan edikasion li ta pral ede epi li akonpanie avek senate ki pa kon li yia tank pep la sot li le pou yo panse ak yon ki ka apran yo li epi respe pa divizion ak

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Phoenix says...

What goes around.

Comes around.

No matter how long justice might

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