Jean-Bertrand Aristide say I want to go back to Haiti too - Watch Video

Here it is my friend, as it was expected, Jean-Bertrand Aristide wands to go back to his country as well. On January 19, 2010, three days after the surprise return of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti, Aristide wants the same treatment. In the press conference and accompanied with his wife, Mildred, Jean-Bertrand Aristide said: "I am ready to leave today, tomorrow, at any time". He said that in light of the suffering of the Haitian people after the 2010 earthquake, his place is in Haiti to Help."


Here is the video of Jean-Bertrand Aristide press conference:

Jean-Bertrand Aristide went on to say in his news conference that Haiti helped many countries around the world to gain their independence, including the United States. He also explained his current health problems made his exile hard for him. According to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, he does not want to spend the next winter in Sour Africa.

The "Haitian Joudalist" also heard that Jean-Bertrand Aristide tried to renew his passport recently but was denied.

What is it?

Is it the "Year of return for Dictators"?, or maybe the case where all the "Jean" want to go back to Haiti?

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Yanick Cadet Desrosiers says...

It is unbelievable that hiatians still think Prezident Aristide elected by the majority is still being considered involved with drugs can someone out there tell me where his money is hidden.

I have heard the drugs were rampant under Jc this came from a close assossiate I am sick of the so called high class or mulatoes thinking they are better than the rest. Inin America black is black no one gives a dam Whether u speak french Stop badmouthing Aristide he wanted to bring up the lower class if a criminal like jc can go home Aristide can do the same Judge jc at least he will get a fair trial.

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Jean Bethy says...

let's come together this time to build the nation toussaint once dream for
forget the pass like chile we're all guilty

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Jean Bethy says...

ann pote kole pou nou fe la france remet kob li te te fe nou paye pou san manman nou ak papa nou ki te koule nou tout bezouin lesson democratic de tout

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Neth D Haiti says...

To be honest with you, he has to excuse Haitian people first before he thinks to come, and you know this guy is worst than Duvalier he and his chimers killed more people in Haiti than Jn Duvalier, we knew that Duvalier was a dictator, but he was undercover, I was in Haiti during his second mandate, there were fears to talk in the streets, they beat and killed the opponents, he wanted to concentrate all the powers in his hands.

He opened widely doors to drugs dealers.

What I said is what I observed, not because I have nothing against him, do you know you what?

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

this man pay for trust people he shouldn't trust.what is more funny no one can do anything.They can pretanded like they doing some thing and we know they are not doing anything by choices.

we need to kick all of them out simple as that.then we will be see the difference .of what we can do and what they will let us

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