RE: Jean Claude Duvalier At Ecole De Droit Et Des Sciences Economiques...

Monel - December 24 2011, 4:28 AM

Mwen te panse kod la ak brid la, se te nan djol-ou selman yo te ye wi Bourik.epa brid la te nan volonte-w tou Makak.

you know Haitian people used to involve in coup d'etat punk. there was Michel Francois -sedras -Martely's job .Haitian people have only one weapon to get any government down, for example the way we did it in1986.

I said if Michel martely refuses that 's f...k..worth dictator Jn-Claude duvalier "baby dogggg" go on trial.he's gonna loose the power period.

Ou we nou te fe 1986-1991 san pou nou refe-l anko, nap fe-l pi fasil jounen jodia.

You better shut your f...k...bourik.

l wish you: Merry Christmas makak.

Response to:

haitien tou ap pale kk ak djol ou pwal jete Martelly...

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