Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Antony Dessources for Fanmi Lavalas

An occasion to be talked about for months to come, the recent staging of the first meeting for inter-Haitian dialogue was witness to the presence of representatives of the party Fanmi Lavalas, staunch opponents of the dialogue as before they had expressed that they did not feel the conditions were yet right to hold such talks. It was then, with great surprise, that the dialogue was presented with the party's coordinator, Maryse Narcisse, Antony Dessources and Pasha Vorbe.


Their newfound interest might have something to do with the fact that MOPOD recently threw themselves into the lot as a political party, all with the aim of ousting the current ruling administration of Martelly/Lamothe. Making the case even more curious when one remembers that it was just December 2, 2013 when Fanmi Lavalas itself denounced two of their own leading members, Deputy Arnel Bélizaire and Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, for demanding much the same thing.

The meeting was held by the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH) and was under the supervision of newly minted Cardinal Chibly Langlois. The meeting facilitated the talk between the current executive body, the civil society and the legislature, along with 48 political parties under the theme of 'Democratic Governance'.

The Cardinal stated that there had been a good, sound discussion about the governance of the country and that stakeholders had inputted their own image of what a new government would look like. The talks were of transition and the saving of the nation.

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Subject: Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Antony Dessources for Fanmi Lavalas edit

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