Michel Martelly said: Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement

Then if this is the case why did the president nominate Dr. Garry Conille for Prime Minister. According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution, the Prime Minister of Haiti must reside in the country for five consecutive years. Does that mean the president does not have any respect for the Haitian constitution?


Is that true that "Loa en Haiti Se Sel Nan tet Moun Li Dansè"

According to President Michel Martelly, before nominating Dr. Garry Cornille, he took the advice of his legal team. The president also stated that the fact that Garry Conille has not resided in Haiti for the past five years is not a hidden history. However, Garry Conille pays taxes to the United Nations for Haiti.

The president also mentioned that he had to choose someone who is competent and capable.

What do you think?

Do you think it's more important to nominate someone capable and competent to the position of Prime Minister, whether or not that person meets all the requirements to become Prime Minister?

Do you think we should never violate the Haitian constitution?

Do you think instead we should revise the Haitian constitution?

Please comment

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Chelsi says...

Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend fiugnrig this one

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Geerlin says...

Is it really the constitution they are defending?

I think not, but rather their personal interest.

It is obvious that our new president wants to put the country first.

Those leeches (senators) simply want the opportunity to keep on sucking the life out of the Haitian people.

However, the presidential nomination of prime ministers would not provide the right of passage for those leeches (senators) to carry on with their corrupted way of

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Rosie says...

that, s willy shame nobody care for the people, it,s time now to do something for

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Brise Wiss Wesly says...

I think it is time to see Haiti before everything Garry and so many others was qualify to be the next prime minister of Haiti.

The senators just need someone in their political party so they can find all the opportunities like they use to do in the past.

May GOD Bless

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Loc Jb says...

What constitution this haitian politition doesn't have any respect for the constitution why should he, if we haitian did respect the Constutition our people would not be in this situation, those sanators are not their to defend the Constutition only their way of life and their interest they are defending, it been going on for years 200yrs to be exact, we need a new constitution that really put Haiti first, I support the President, anybody who put Haiti first.

God bless

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Nancy St-juste says...

Michel did not say Dr. Conille does not meet the residency requirement of the constitution.

Michel said that we all know that Garry in is function as a UN official as not resided in Haiti the past five years.

But according to his legal team. The UN as a threaty signed by Haiti a funding member witch allows his employees to keep the privileges link to there citizenship and there residency in there home contry.

Denying Dr. Conille those privileges would be a breach of the Vienna convention of 1975. Basically, under this convention Garry is eligible to become Prime

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Willy says...

CONSTITUTION IN THE TOILET: Michel Martelly is an american citizen, Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement.

Who is

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