Re: Michel Martelly Said: Garry Conille Does Not Meet Residency...

Loc Jb - September 9 2011, 1:24 PM

What constitution this haitian politition doesn't have any respect for the constitution why should he, if we haitian did respect the Constutition our people would not be in this situation, those sanators are not their to defend the Constutition only their way of life and their interest they are defending, it been going on for years 200yrs to be exact, we need a new constitution that really put Haiti first, I support the President, anybody who put Haiti first.

God bless Haiti.

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Michel Martelly said: Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement

Then if this is the case why did the president nominate Dr. Garry Conille for Prime Minister. According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution...

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