Re: Michel Martelly Said: Garry Conille Does Not Meet Residency...

Nancy St-juste - September 9 2011, 10:14 AM

Michel did not say Dr. Conille does not meet the residency requirement of the constitution.

Michel said that we all know that Garry in is function as a UN official as not resided in Haiti the past five years.

But according to his legal team. The UN as a threaty signed by Haiti a funding member witch allows his employees to keep the privileges link to there citizenship and there residency in there home contry.

Denying Dr. Conille those privileges would be a breach of the Vienna convention of 1975. Basically, under this convention Garry is eligible to become Prime Minister.

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Michel Martelly said: Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement

Then if this is the case why did the president nominate Dr. Garry Conille for Prime Minister. According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution...

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