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Dominique Anglade elected to the National Assembly of Quebec

Another first in Canada as the Haitian community is taking hold. Dominique Anglade who is a Canadian of Haitian origin was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec. She became the first woman of Haitian descent to join that body of power in Canada. As a member of Quebec Liberal Party, she will serve as representative of the district of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne

Haitian Kreyol:

Yon lòt premye nan Kanada kòm kominote ayisyen an ap kenbe. Dominique Anglade ki se yon Kanadyen ki gen orijin Ayisyen te eli nan Asanble Nasyonal nan Quebec. Li devenu premye fanm desandan ayisyen ki rantre nan kò sa ki gen anpil pouvwa nan Kanada. Li se yon manm nan Quebec Liberal Pati, li pral sèvi kòm reprezantan nan distri Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne

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Albert Chancy, Boulot Valcourt, David Metellus, Andre Dejean, Richard Duroseau Honored

On Thursday, October 8th, 2015, during a ceremony at the National Palace, President Michel Martelly honored five Haitian musical personalities, elevated to the rank of National Order of Honor and Merit, Grade of Knight: André Dejean, Albert Chancy, Henrio (Boulot) Valcourt, Richard Duroseau and David Metellus aka "Ti Coka". The Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul was present during the awarding ceremony. While delivering his speech for the occasion, the President has said that the contribution by these honorees would easily inspire today's youths to put valuable stones in the reconstruction of Haiti.

Albert Chancy (1950?) is a man of many personalities. He is a guitarist, pianist, singer, songwriter, journalist, businessman, media owner and co-founder and first maestro of Tabou Combo Pétion-ville. His first music group was "Atomic". Thereafter, he formed the group "Incognitos" with his childhood friend Herman Nau which later (in 1968) became "Tabou Combo". Albert is accredited for style 'igniter' that characterized his group "Tabou Combo" by his technique, speed and compositions. He is also marked as the advent of mini-jazz in Haiti.

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Protest against PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise in New York

Several dozens of Haitian were protesting on Saturday (November 21) outside of the Manor Palace in New York City as candidate Jovenel Moise was talking to a group of people inside. It was reported that protesters were present at every appearance of the PHTK candidate. It was remarked that the treatment received by Jovenel Moïse was that of a Haitian official and not of a candidate. He was welcomed at New York airport by a delegation from the Consul General of Haiti in New York driven in state cars. It is assumed that his expenses for the trips are being covered by the Haitian and U.S. government.

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Farah Juste arrested during Jovenel Moise visit in Miami

On Sunday(November 22) Farah Juste was in Little Haiti Cultural Arts Center in Miami, participating in a protest as the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise was scheduled to talk to the community. The protest was against recent elections in Haiti that many Haitians believe to be fraudulent. She was arrested by Miami Police for not having proper permit to protest and released shortly thereafter.

MUSIC VIDEO: Politisyen Aysyen by Farah Juste

Juste and many thousands of Haitian protestors are calling for a commission to inquire into what the polling conditions were like on Election Day, and also to review the tabulation process. The CEP, as expected, is not cooperating.

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Nicolas Maduro Government Involved in Drug Smuggling Operation

First Lady Cilia Flores, wife of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, has two relatives accused of being involved in a drug smuggling operation. They were held by police in Port-au-Prince upon their arrival. The arrests followed a lengthy sting operation, conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Efrain Campos, one of the two men arrested, told U.S. officials he was Flores's son and Maduro's stepson. He and Francisco Flores, whose relationship to Flores and Maduro has not been established, but is believed to be another nephew of hers, were caught in an undercover operation. A secret agent bargained with the men to procure a plane and pilot to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into Honduras, where brokers operating on behalf of Venezuelan cartels would mark the cocaine for export to the U.S.

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Black Alex continue to sing after death, "Lavi Apre Lanmo"

If Black Alex, one of the greatest Haitian artists, did not enjoy the fruits of his own success, may be his young daughter Alexandra will. Thanks to Artist like Wyclef Jean we will soon be able to enjoy some of his most memorable hit songs.

During several visits in new York, Wyclef Jean came with the idea or recording some of the songs of Black Alex and to come up with an album with them. This new album called "Lavi Apre Lanmo" will be released in the near future.

There is a reason for that. Black Alex who passed away recently left a young daughter Alexandra. With the release of this new album, Wyclef Jean intends to use all the proceeds and deposit them in a bank account for her. She will have access to that fund when she turns 18 years old.

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Haiti needs a hybrid dictator, someone to rule with an iron fist, said Pras Michel

Pras Michél of the Fugees who was one of the first supporters of Michel Martelly and subsequently has kept his distance due to dissatisfaction with the Martelly team made his opinion known. In an interview at a screening of his documentary "Sweet Micky for President", Pras stated that democracy doesn't work in Haiti.

Pra made it clear that "Haiti needs a progressive leader, a hybrid dictator like China"."Haiti needs someone to rule with an iron fist and then take their foot off the pedal."

This is not the first time I hear these kind of statements being made by either Haitian or people who have been following Haitian politics for years. I personally have been one who always believe that people have the right to govern themselves and any system that will impose rules on a population doesn't have a place on today society.

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Black Alex, AKA Jamency Alex Pierre, is Dead

The Haitian Rap star Jamency Alex Pierre, known mainly as Black Alex is dead. After many rumors of his death, this time it is for good. Black Alex passed away today, November November 13, 2015. he was 39 years old.

MUSIC VIDEO: Black Alex Kanaval 2014 Feat. Chale Mas "po Dada'w"

Etwal Rap Ayisyen-an Black Alex mouri. Apre plizyè rimè te ape kouri sou lanmò li , fwa sa a li se pou bon. Black Alex mouri jodi a, 13 Novanm 13, 2015. li te ginyin 39 ane.

Rap musician and member of King Posse, Jamecy Pierre, succumbed to HIV/AIDS, dying November 13th 2015. He was 39. He died at Port-au-Prince's Haitian Community Hospital.

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Jude Celestin seriously considering a withdrawal from the race

It doesn't look like the political crisis in Haiti is likely to be solved soon or quickly. There is a great possibility that one of the two candidates qualified to face each other may decide not to participate in the run off after all. From the latest information obtained by HaitiObserver.Com, Jude Celestin is now seriously considering a withdraw from the process in an attempt to apply more pressure to PHTK and Jovenel Moise. He clearly stated that as a members of G8, he was committed to the pact he signed together with seven other candidates.

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Joseph Lambert strategically placing himself to win

The Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wincesclass Lamber, were defeated in the last legislative election in Haiti. It will be strange not to hear a Lambert represent the Sud-Est. Joseph lambert attributed his lost to some 4,000 of his votes that were not counted in Cote-de-Fer. Even more surprising is the attitude adopted by Joseph Lambert to accept the election results and not to challenge the votes.

What should we make of this?

Why has a political animal such as Joseph Lambert decided to react that way?

What does he have under his sleeves?

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