Haitian Senate rejected Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister in final Votes

Once again, another round of selecting a new Prime Minister Designee and going through ratification process as Haitian lawmakers rejected President Michel Martelly's second choice for Haiti's Prime Minister. The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that the vote results were as expected, with the 16 Senators who have been outspoken against the nomination of Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister, voting "No" and 14 Senators voting for the ratification.


This is a case of "Deja Vue".

Anmwey! Gran Neg ap Fe Politik, Malere Ap mouri Ak Grangou"

This is the second time that Haitian lawmakers rejected the choice of president Michel Martelly for prime Minister.


Do you think the President should govern without a Prime Minister?

Do you think he needs to work more closely with Haitian Lawmakers to come up with a candidate who can receive their support

Do you think the next Prime Minister designee should be: Jean Henry Céant Or Jean Max Bellerive?

Anmwey! Moin pa Ka jere stress peyi D'Haiti pitit!

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Prudy says...

Haha. I woke up down today.

You've chreeed me

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Clifford Knaggs says...

The parliament is a balance.

It will regulate the president power and control any of his tendency to dictatorship.

He will be better the president step down and resigns if he cannot play the rule of democracy and balance of power and show how he can lead our country with the support of the parliament.

The dictatorship time has gone forever...

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Road Reagan says...

Thank you to my Haitian Upper House.

You have taken a good decision by rejecting the President Martelly's selection choice of the Human Right Violator the sir Bernard Gousse as prime minister.

I am proud of your decision.

Continue to be independent and defend the interest of the country.

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Edner Cafy says...

You're absolutely right.

But do you think the true goal of these senators is to bury the past?

By rejecting Rouzier, they clearly show they do not want to deal " avec le

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Willy says...

Who is Bernard Gousse?

A person who has put haitian in jail without proper cause, never had any reason but their political affiliation.

A nation who easily forget the past is bound to step in the same shit they have

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Mwen Menm says...

Michel Martelly must cancel this non-working parliament.Suiv eksamp Duvalier pere.epi peyi a ap vinn tankou la perle des

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Edner Cafy says...

President Marthely want to fight corruption, while these senators want to keep haitian corruption alive.The president should govern without them to help the country get out of his

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Prince says...

He need like a president close the paliament without, them

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Joblo Irase says...

the only one to sort out this problem is to cancel this

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Subject: Haitian Senate rejected Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister in final Votes edit

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