The president is likely to select Bernard H. Gousse as the Prime Minister designee

The "Haitian Joudalist" was informed that the Haitian president Michel Martelly is getting very close to make his final selection for the Prime Minister of Haiti. An article that just appeared on stated that Michel Martelly has selected Bernard H. Gousse as his next prime minister.


We do not know for certain if this is accurate. The "Haitian Jourdalist will verify this information and will let you know as soon as we have additional information

When will the selection be made official?

According to the reactions of some Haitian Senators and Deputies before the final selection was made, if in fact the president has selected Bernard H. Gousse to become the next Prime Minister, the confirmation process will be as challenging for the president as it was the case with his former Prime Minister nominee, Gerard Daniel Rouzier.

Are we here for another period of negotiation once again?

What are we negotiating exactly this time?

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Subject: The president is likely to select Bernard H. Gousse as the Prime Minister designee edit

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