Route du Canapé Vert becomes "Avenue Nelson Mandela"

It's a brand new beginning for the once splendid, upper-middle class area of Canapé Vert, and, with its new outlook to the future, there is a sentimental nod to the past as the Route du Canapé Vert is renamed, 'Avenue Nelson Mandela'.


The decision was given by presidential decree to honor the legacy of the beloved man who fought, throughout his long and illustrious career, for the liberation of blacks and the end of the apartheid scourge throughout the South African nation. The planned street signs and plaques, declaring the route's changed name, will also remind those in the future of the special impact of the man, securing his presence in Haitian posterity.

The selection of Canapé Vert as the new avenue was likely due to the planned reconstruction of the area that lost nearly all of the homes that housed 1,000 families prior to the earthquake in 2010. The outlook is to see the return of middle and upper-middle class citizens to the area, some of whom will bring with them businesses that will sustain the areas rejuvenation. With the project, the restoration team wishes to create a prototype for redevelopment after a disaster.

The decree was given by President of the Republic, Michel Martelly, on December 13, 2013 and was announced by the presidential Office of Communication. The news is undoubtedly met with favorable feelings as Mandela's life will remind all Haitians of their own country's past and the leaders who fought for the black race.

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Subject: Route du Canape Vert becomes "Avenue Nelson Mandela" edit

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