Sauveur Pierre Etienne, first to call fraud, first to accept results

On the same night of the election results, the presidential candidate under the banner of the Organization of People in Struggle (OPL), Sauveur Pierre Etienne, was one of the first candidates to accept the election results as published by the CEP. He went on to immediately declare his support in the second round to his friend Jude Celestin.


That would have been fine under normal Circumstance and if he did not take a different position regarding the election just days ago. Sauveur Pierre Etienne was leading a group of seven political parties who were demanding the formation of an independent entity to investigate allegation of election fraud. He named a Spanish Company "SOLAR" which was responsible for the fraud in favor of the PHTK candidate. He also managed to obtain the signatures of several candidates such as Jude Celestin, Samuel Madistin, Eric jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant, and others in his scam.

With this type of politicians in Haiti, should we believe any statement made by them?

Do we hold our politicians accountable for anything in Haiti

What do you think?

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Philippe Elie says...

Ce monsieur a simplement donné acte à la population suffrageante de sa qualité de choix...

Le candidat.

Compte tenu de sa formation et de ses vues politiques s'est attaché â l'espoir de réussir dans sa "carrière" de doctinaire d'une idéologie dont le "moment" est
bien passé...

même chez les initiateurs symboliques traditionnels...

Sans compter qu'ici aussi, ceux qui se réclament de ce genre de "philosophie", auoiqu'ayant le coeur dt l'instinct â gauche,, ne cessent de fantasmer

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Subject: Sauveur Pierre Etienne, first to call fraud, first to accept results edit

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