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Abel Descollines ready for Dechoukage if no election in 2014

Deputy Abel Descollines will be in opposition with the government of Michel Martelly if there is no election in 2014. The Deputy of Mirebalais-Boucan Carré gave an ultimatum to the government saying that if he does not hold election in 2014, the government will be forced to resign.

Deputy Abel Descollines however, does not agree with the position of some politicians who believe that the transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP) should leave before the next election.

Eske sa vle di ke Depite Abel Descollines ape vini jwen Moise jean Charles si pa gin eleksyon ane sa?

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In Haiti the executive is above the other powers, Sak Pa Kontan Anbake

Forget about constitution " Konstitisyon Se Papye". Forget about the way most people believe it should be. In Haiti, we do things a little bit differently. Let's put it this way, the power is shared between the three branches of government with only one difference, the executive branch takes a bigger part of the cake.

At least this how our president Michel Martelly sees it. In a recent statement that actually did not please too many Haitian authorities, the president would like to make the public believe that the executive is above the other powers.

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Deputy Fritz Gerald Bourjolly uncontrollable During Finance Committee Meeting

Once again, a member of the Haitian Chamber of Deputy with a problem of anger management.

During a Finance Committee held by Deputy Rodon Bien-Aime, Deputy Fritz Gerald Bourjolly of Aquin got very upset to the point where he started throwing microphones, glasses, desks and anything he could find in the room to express his frustration.

Here is the video footage of the scene.

Here is Arnel Belizaire in action....

As you may recollect, this is not the first time the Chamber of Deputies was victimized following the frustration of its members. Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire recently exploded at the Haitian parliament, throwing a total of three desks across the room in a similar incident.

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Alexandre Lerouge - Cap-Haitian

Alexandre Lerouge, an outspoken school teacher of 62 years old from Cap-Haitian's northern town, became an opposition leader popularly elected under Duvalier dictatorship regime. Alexandre Lerouge had been repeatedly opposing soaring inflation and official corruption during his election campaigns. A Haitian businessman said, after the Feb 11, 1979 victory of Alexandre Lerouge that first time throughout the Duvalier regime did the government backed down and in case Alexandre did not win the election, the angry crowd would have burned down the entire Cap-Haitian into ashes.

It was reported that prior to the election, incendiary devices and Molotov cocktails were readied in large scale in Cap-Haitian before the election kicked off. This was a fallback measure for the Cap-Haitian people in case the government decided to interfere with the election. The Duvalier regime used to hold an election every 6 years which rubber-stamped the instructions of the President for Life, Jean-Claude Duvalier. However, nothing really changed and the liberalization by the Baby Doc was actually a ploy to increase the inflow of foreign aid that never led to any kind of substantial changes.

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Only a Two Day Visa issued to Deputy Arnel Belizaire to remain in the United States

Is this a sign that you are not welcome here?

The current Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire may feel that way after his recent application for a U.S. visa to enter the country.

Posted on the Facebook page of Deputy Belizaire is a picture of the actual visa issued on May 29, 2013, with an expiration day of May 31, 2013. The visa issued to the Haitian Deputy is enter the United States that is valid only for 2 days.

Deputy Arnel Belizaire denounced the action by posting on his Facebook page:

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Deputy of Ouanaminthe, Luckner Noel kneeling down to praise Martelly

This is a scene that many people wished did not take place. During an event organized by the Martelly's government to commemorate his two years in office, the Deputy of Ouanaminth, Luckner Noel, went overboard in expressing his gratitude for the Government of Michel Martelly. Deputy Luckner Noel went on his knee before President Michel Martelly to thank him for the many projects that have been completed in Ouanaminthe for the past two years.

Several members of the Parliament were present to show their support to the government. Majority bloc or Parliamentarians for Stability and Progress (PSP).

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