Dominican Republic Claims Court Ruling is being Misunderstood

The Dominican Republic (DR) Court ruling, depriving descendents of Haitian migrants citizenship, has created uproar among the international community. The UN, foreign heads of state, human rights groups, and the U.S. Dominican Diaspora are calling out the government to reverse its decision.


What the Court ruling does is take away descendents of illegal immigrants their birthrights by refusing to grant them their birth documents. Not having birth certificates means the possibility of losing voting rights, basic services, and education opportunities.

A coalition of activist organizations has written John Kerry, U.S. Secretary State, prevailing upon him to use his position to urge the DR to reverse the Court ruling. Within the DR, Dominicanos Por Dereche, another coalition organization, is planning national protests to force the government's hand. Local communities are posting on social media, targeting the DR's $5 billion tourism industry. They are asking tourists to boycott travel to the DR, comparing the Court ruling to South Africa's former practice of apartheid.

The DR is unflappable about the threat of losing tourist dollars. They don't see any reason to worry. Their only concern is foreign investors might be influenced by the outcry to take their money elsewhere. On the other hand, DR's Tourism Ministry is telling international tourist agencies to clear up any misconceptions on the Court ruling. A government attorney says the DR is committed to providing an easily understood migration policy, to offer a road to legal residency for those afflicted by the ruling.

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Guy Jean-gilles says...

The action of the Government of DR toward my people is inhuman.

It is, in a way, some kind of revenge for being in the past under our occupation.

But, the past should remain in the past. When God created HEAVEN & HEARTH, He made it for everyone to live wherever they choose too, as long as they abide the laws of that place.

So, I think that the all world will have a say on the matter.

Let us wait and

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Subject: Dominican Republic Claims Court Ruling is being Misunderstood edit

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