I spat on him? judge Simonis, I would say no said Senator Edwin Zenny

After an uncertain account of his behavior on Monday, Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) seems to be more calm now to recollect his behavior last Saturday. In a press conference in Parliament, on Monday, the Senator has declared that "I did not spit on the judge Bob Simonis". Additionally, he denied that he was armed at the time of the incident.


According to Haitilibre, Senator Edwin Zenny declared on Radio Magik 9 "There had been altercations and exchanges of words between us. By discussing, anything was possible. I tell you without lie, for Jacmel, I can do anything."

What does that mean exactly: "For Jacmel, I can do anything"?

Would the Senator abuse others, kill or violate the law he supposed to uphold for Jacmel?

Shouldn't he be working on creating an environment where the law can be enforced instead of working as a bandit?

Does he know what a Senator of the Republic means?

Some tips that can let you know if someone is lying to you:

Experts in the field have developed useful tips that can help you to determine if someone is lying to you:

In some occasions, Haitians make use of French language to bluff their way through a situation. It is a common practice with our politicians. This does not take place in all cases. I want to make sure you do not confuse this with some people in the Haitian culture who make it a practice to speak both French and Creole in the same conversation. Just watch out for signs of inconsistency in the story, microexpressions, insincere emotions and voice or gesture that don't fit with what they are saying.

Watch for inconsistency in the story or too much detail in the explanation.

Ask unexpected questions. When the person who is lying don't expect it, ask him/her a question that they are not prepared to answer to trip them up.

Watch for changes in behavior by the potential layer. Pay attention for someone who is generally anxious, but now looks calm, or someone who is generally calm but now looks anxious.

Another thing to look for is Insincere Emotions such as fake smile or an angry face with a smile

Also watch for Gut Reactions and Microexpressions. A microexpression is a very brief expression. this usually last about a 25 seconds. A microexpression is usually a sign of concealed emotion. A microexpression can conceal emotion of fear, anger, happiness, or jealousy, that feeling will appear on the face momentarily.

Look for Contradictions. The rule is that anything the person does with voice or gesture that doesn't fit with what they are saying can indicate lie. Example include: "this is going to sound amazing, but it is true", not making eye contact, person looking away, sweating.

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