Jean Helson Royal: Vice-Delegate, District of Jacmel

Haitian governance is divided into a series of departments, districts and communes in order to decentralize its executive power and to ensure that every Haitian in each area are able to receive public service. To make sure that the welfare of its citizens is being met, the Martelly administration has recently announced on the 13th of July the three new vice-delegates for the South East department of Haiti. For the district of Jacmel, the department's capital, Jean Helson Royal was proclaimed as its vice-delegate.


Royal is known for being the former campaign manager of current Haitian senator Edwin Zenny. In his acceptance speech, he promised that he shall commit himself in strengthening his district, as well as encouraging economic development and prioritizing the well-being of Haitians in the region. Royal's Jacmel has a population of about 250,000 and consists of four municipalities. It is also a popular tourist destination in the country.

Royal, along with Joseph Ponyon of the district of Baine and Emmanor Déroneth of the district of Belle-Anse, were proclaimed at the Court of First Instance in Jacmel which was attended by several of Haiti's important politicians. The new vice-delegates are given the task to oversee the different functions and projects of their district's government body and at the same time cooperate with one another for the development of the South East. Big expectations face Royal and his colleagues for the months and years to come in truly serving the people and promoting education, employment, law, and other forms of public service.

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