Alvaro Arvelo Demands Dominican Republic Invade Haiti over Chicken and Egg Ban

Dominican Republic (DR) political extremist and radio talk-show host, Alvaro Arvelo, is outraged by the government of Haiti's (GOH) ban on chicken and egg products coming from the DR. The reason behind the ban is rumors have been circulating in GOH circles a bird-flu virus might have contaminated the fowl and its eggs.


Arvelo has personalized the issue, saying "Haitians are ungrateful; they hate the Dominicans." He hosts a political commentary program, "The Government of the Morning". On this occasion, Haiti was the target of his wrath. He is so incensed over this perceived slight of the GOH towards the DR; he demanded President Danilo Medina mount a military campaign and invade Haiti as soon as possible.

Confident his listening audience would agree with him unanimously, he asked listeners to call in and vote if the DR should invade Haiti or not. A total of 35 calls came into the station, Z101. Of those, 30 listeners thought Medina should invade Haiti, and five dissented. Instead of focusing on the overwhelming majority, who agreed with him, Arvelo excoriated the five listeners who didn't think attacking Haiti a good idea. He accused them of being traitors to the DR.

The chicken and egg debacle is just another example of how some DR citizens (including an influential talk-show host) mis-read the intentions of the GOH. After all, they have a responsibility to protect the common good from air-borne illnesses.

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Pierre says...

about they try it to see what we made out off. remember your country was free by our choice not because you fight for can regret what you wish

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