Hotel El Rancho and Hotel Villa Creole in Petion-Ville merge

Pierre-Marie Boisson, on April 16th, 2013, happily announced the merger of Hotel Villa Creole and Hotel El Rancho. Together, these two hotels have a real estate property of 5 acres of land. Boisson mentioned that in Petion-Ville's living memory, this merger represents the largest transaction in real estate. Boisson is the financial adviser of Sogebank. Sogebank in turn is the adviser of real estate and financial company, FIS.


With this merger of El Rancho and Villa Creole, the shareholders of Villa Creole become El Rancho's shareholders. Of the total of 140 shareholders, the majority of the shares are held by Reginald Boulos followed by descendants of Sogebank, Silvera and bank employees. The renovation work for El Rancho is projected for completion by 2013 end of summer. El Rancho will have 13 apartments and 73 rooms and will have 86 housing units. Villa Creole will add another 40 rooms to this and will also go through some renovation work because of the damages caused by earthquake of 2013. During the Phase 2 of development, El Rancho will have another 50 rooms.

According to Pierre-Marie Boisson, though the space has IFC, it will go through a redesign because of the merger and in just over 2 years' time, the place will become largest metropolitan leisure and shopping complex. Boisson said that the wooden enclave will have 3 pathways, which include the Nerette, Brother of Christian Instruction on front and one next to Pan America Avenue's Royal Oasis. Boisson says that this merger will have far reaching implications on Haitian economy as it will open routes to tourism and in turn impact art, agriculture and other aspects of the economy which need accelerated and sustained growth.

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Subject: Hotel El Rancho and Hotel Villa Creole in Petion-Ville merge edit

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