Haiti among the top countries in Unpaid Electricity Consumption

The public utility company in Haiti, Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) is largely owned by the Haitian government. It is also a symbol of Government inefficiency in providing needed services for its people.


In Haiti, only 12.5% of the population has access to electricity, officially. This however does not explain the real story. Irregular connection or to put it more direct, "stolen Electricity" accounts for more than 25% of the public consumption of electricity in the country.

Electricite d'Haïti (EDH) estimates that about 35% of distributed power is not being paid for by the public. Many residents in poor neighborhoods who can't afford the high cost charged by the company resort to stealing electricity. That is possible because the government is unable to enforce the laws, preventing people from stealing electricity.

The situation has gotten so bad that and prevalent that an entirely new business has been established as a result. Gangs and bandits are now using the public service to create their own private for-profit businesses. Due to the lack of law enforcement in certain neighborhoods, specifically in the Capital and major cities in in the country, some have resulted in illegally taking the electricity by methods of Cumberland and illegal means and sell it in turn to other residents. The way this works, according to some sources, is that once the connection is made, you will pay a monthly fee to the person who made the connection for you to the high voltage power of EDH. There is no obligation to pay any money to EDH but you must pay your connector on a Monthly basis. We have learned that this practice is so organized that the moment you do not pay your connector or gang member for the service, it is automatically cut off

The ratio of electricity consumed in Haiti that is unpaid is among the highest in the world, with over 35% of the energy produced being stolen.

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Serge Fouche says...

The worst thing about the Cumberland is the fact some Haitian living in the U.S and collecting rent from tenant are using the services of the Utilities companies and refusing to pay for them. It is in the Genes.

Serge Fouche Waltham

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