The List of Potential Rouzier Cabinet Members is out. See it here first

The "Haitian Joudalist" is always on top of the action. We have the revised list of the people who will be in charge of the different ministries under Daniel Rouzier government. This is not an official list. It was provided by Haitilibre.Com and it is subject to change or modification at any point before it becomes official.


The list is as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- Mr. Daniel Supplice (Sociologist and principal political adviser of Michel Martelly)

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor -- Mr. Richard Morasse (economist)

Ministry of Agriculture -- Mr. Eric Balthazar (Historian UEH)

Ministry of Commerce and Industry -- Mr. Wilson Laleau (Vice Rector of State University)

Ministry for Women (Unknown)

Ministry of Culture and Communication -- Mr. Jean-Claude Fignole (Haitian intellectual)

Ministry (Nouveau) of Defense and Civil Protection -- Ms. Gessy Cameau Coicou (former spokeswoman of the PNH under the regime Latortue)

Ministry of Economy and Finance -- Ms. Marie Carmel Jean-Marie

Ministry of Education -- Mr. Gaston Georges Merisier (former Minister of Education)

Ministry of Energy Communications and Technology (New) -- Mr. Rene Jean-Jumeau

Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad -- which was to be merged (?) -- Ms. Geneviève Douyon

Ministry of Interior and Environment -- Ms. Michele Oriol (historian and anthropologist)

Ministry of Justice -- Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis (former Commissioner of the Government)

Ministry of Public Health (Unknown)

Ministry of Public works -- Mr. Jacques Rousseau

Secretary of State for Public Security -- Jean Thomas Cyprien

National Centre of equipment (CNE) -- Yves Germain

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Subject: The List of Potential Rouzier Cabinet Members is out. See it here first edit

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