Is Michel Martelly planning on the dissolution of Parliament?

As several members of Haiti Senate went public in their opposition to the choice of Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister, President Michel Martelly went on attack against them. There is a rumor that the president might attempt the dissolution of the Haitian Parliament if his Prime Minister nominee is not approved.


Senator Edwin Zenny who was traveling with Michel Martelly accused the other Senator of attempting to negotiate the ratification of the new Prime Minister based on personal interest. The president also wants the Senators to remember that he sign their paychecks.

On the other hand, the Senators do not seem to be backing down at all. On Friday, Senators Francky Exius and Evallière Beauplan alerted the president on attempt to dissolute the Haitian Parliament. According to Evalliere Beauplan, the Senator of Port-de-Paix: "If the President Martelly tries today to dissolve the parliament, he would lead to his own fall 24 hours later".

What is your opinion?

Should Michel Martelly get ride of the Haitian Parliament over the fight to create a government?

Do you think the group of 16Senators opposed to the ratification of Prime Minister Bernard Gousse is based on personal interest?

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Gesnel Adelson says...

Michel Martelly se betiz li konn di sou cha.Se yon bann gwo moun rich, ki pa menm ayisyen, ki mete ak Martelly, ki achte eleksyon an nan men K-E-P, plan yo se pou retounen ak rejim kriminel duvalier a, epi pou peyi a pa janm chanje.

Sa ki rich e ki gen konesans ap toujou pi wo, e sa ki pa gen lajan, e ki iletre ap vi'n pi mal. Martelly se moun ki te gen foli leta, e ki pat janm respekte leta. Si li chwazi Bernard Gousse se paske li toujou bezwen kinbe peyi a nan kidnapi'n n n ak dil kokayi'n n

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Cesar says...

Please let Sweet Micky as a taste of his own medecine because he was the first one along with Baker who took the street to contest the election.

That is the only reason, he become the president of Republic of Haiti.

After all, what do the haitian people expect from sweet micky?

The answer

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Piecharlyves says...

Presidan Martelly ekip sauvage sa yo kap goumin lan parleman nan la chambre yap rele senateurs deputes mwin penser se lan pi gran parti budget pays ya passe et se yo ki pa vle pays ya macher kom se peuple la ki te voter yo demasker vicieux lague yo lan main minm peuple saa Pou peuple la ka aler nan la chanm paleman al marer yo flank yo dehors debarasser pays ya de ekip destructeur sa yo se yon ekip pa itil aloufa yo ye Get rid of them Mr President please do that and you'll

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Michel Joseph says...

President Michel Martelly should not attempt to dissolve the Parliament.

The constitution clearly forbids dissolvement of the Parliament.

The president should concentrate on the reconstruction of the country without involving the Parliament.

The President should consult with the International Community with an agenda for the next 12 months.

That agenda should include: building schools, universities, hospitals, trees, and creating

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D Dorilus says...


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Samy says...

Haiti a besoin de demarrer, on ne comprend pas le p'tit jeu de nos chers parlementaires, comme ils ne veulent pas meme essayer de donner une chance a quelqu'un d'autre qui n'est pas des leurs pour faire avancer la situation.

Le pays n'appartient pas seulement aux parlementaires, si on essayait de travailler sans eux comme on pourrait juger si le pays avance ou recule.

il faut savoir que tout est bloque et le pays est malade.Vive Haiti et a bas les

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Franklin says...

Lead or be lead that should be his motto.

this for the secong time these senators refuse to elect a prime minister.

The country is in bad condition.

These people have no conscience and I woulg get rid of all those who are opposing my choice and replace them by new bright elected young men. Above all he is the presidentl.

I would not tolerate any insult in my

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Jean Jacques Dessalines says...





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Fefe says...

mikki pa signe chek palemante yo .se depatman des finace ki voye chek ni pou mikki ni pou palemante yo. mwen pa konnen sa lap pale la. sa confime sa anpil mounn tap di mikki pa kalifie pou li presidan le li pa ka konprann ke se pa li yo rele

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Tilouis says...

Sería un grave error por parte del presidente de la República el intento de disolver el parlamento, por cuanto tanto él como ellos fueron electos por el pueblo.

Pues por el hecho de no haber podido instalar un gobierno, no se debería estar pensando en cuestiones de esa índole.

El presidente debe tratar de dialogar con cada uno de los sectores representados en el congreso y buscar una salida armoniosa.


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