From Hope to Faith within Christianity

Two ideas of hope exist: secular and religious


Secular hope, asserts whatever we desire we can achieve through faith in ourselves; the second that our desires will be achieved through our faith in God.

Religious hope issues from the promises given by God to His followers in the Bible, and to all believers in God's promises for us.

Secular hope and biblical hope begin with a yearning within us for something good and pleasurable. In secular hope, desires can be achieved through a belief system (are we worthy of this good); directed thinking (a plan put into action); and opening up to opportunities and possibilities (how we will achieve the desire).

With biblical hope, desires become actualized through the promises of God and His will for our highest good. If our desires and His will align, hope deepens into faith. Because we believe in God's plan for us, we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. He now becomes our hope and our faith.

Once our faith in God takes hold, we patiently await the miracle of our faith. We have taken ownership of our faith in God and His word. And we faith that His will be done, His promise become reality.

Hope is a seedling planted by God that grows into faith through the surrender of our earthly will to His heavenly will. Our desires must be worthy of God's fulfillment of them, and our faith is the test of God's will for us.

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