Caracol A Village In Haiti

Caracol, a village in Haiti, is located in the Nord-Est Deparment which is a municipality in the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement. At 19°41′0″N and 72°1′0″W it is located at a slight elevation and has around 6236 inhabitants. It is the least visited destination in Haiti.


Caracol is in the northern coast of Haiti and it was a fishing village stricken by poverty. It is also known to be poorest of all villages in the country.


The region is mountainous and rough and it borders with the Dominican Republic for around 360 kms. Caracol enjoys a semi arid and tropical climate. Trade winds are easily cut off by the mountains in the region. French is the official language spoken in Caracol.

Developments - The Caracol Industrial Park

The Caracol Industrial Park was built in 2012 close to Caracol at a cost of $300 million. It covers an area of square mile 600 acre, 246 hectare. The project includes a water treatment plant, a 10 mega watt power plant, a port near Fort-Liberte and housing for workers in the neighboring communities.

The project was built with funds received from the Clinton Foundation, the US government, the Inter American Development Bank for the hurricane relief.

Promotion Of The Project

The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton played a central role in promoting and supporting the project. SNH Global, S.A, a global clothing manufacturer and Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd. Subsidiary head-quartered in South Korea also pay a major role. The operations started towards the end of 2012.
A workforce of around 20,000 people is required for the project. It is further estimated that 65000 people will be required for completing the project. As the project is planned hastily, a lot of environmental and social disruption is anticipated.

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